Skirt Turned Into Belt with Leather Flower

There are so many ways to reuse clothes that don’t work for you anymore, but this one is a standout. Abbie at Five Days Five Ways came up with a great way to refashion what she calls a “mullet skirt” with a great pattern and somewhat unfortunate cut. She found a second-hand leather skirt for $5 and refashioned it into an awesome belt. The juxtaposition of the two colors, the two patterns and the two fabrics makes this an awesome accessory.

Leather Flower Belt at Five Days Five Ways

Blue Linen Dress Refashion

Linen is a great fabric, and this crisp navy linen holds a lot of promise. But the original cut is dated. Autumn took apart the dress, shortened it and updated the cut. Her step by step how-to is a great example of updating a dated cut. And pairing it with a dollar store belt? Priceless!

Blue Linen Dress Refashion at It’s Always Autumn.

Bag From Leather Shirt Sleeve

refashion a purse from a leather sleeve

Perhaps your husband wants what is commonly referred to as a “manbag” or “satchel.” Let’s face it – it’s a purse. When you refashion a leather sleeve into a purse for the gentleman in your life, just don’t call it that. Tell him you made him a leather handbag and send him on his merry way. And then smile to yourself, because you know better. Visit Heather to get the tutorial.

Make a Purse From a Leather Shirt Sleeve at Dollar Store Crafts

Cool Child’s Watch Refashion

Child's watch refashion

There is something so special about a mom passing down a treasured item to her child. But sometimes those treasured items are a little worse for wear, and need a little TLC before being handed down! This watch was given a new band before given to the little one, and the tutorial is easy to follow – you could do it too. So get that old jewelry out of the jewelry box and start fixing it up!

Mickey Mouse Tick Tock at Cotton and Curls

Jeans Diaries: From Outdated to Totally Trendy


The latest trend in denim is wearing jeans with boots. But what if the jeans are frumpy-dumpy? Well, there is something that can be done – add a few darts, take in the legs . . . automatic skinny jeans! Stylish, trendy and ready for cute summer boots and a tank. Don’t be scared to tailor your denim. It’s not as hard as you think!

Outdated Denim Refashion at I Still Love You

Tales of a Sixth Grade Cardigan

refashioned cardigan

I have socks that have been in my drawer since age 15, so I totally understand keeping something around for sentimental value. I also understand another reason why Jamie would keep this around – because it has ORANGE STRIPES. This cardigan actually started out as a shirt, and Jamie trimmed it up and added a cute little button. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before!

Make An Awesome Cardigan Out of a Shirt at Easily Dunn

Adorn Plain Shoes With Ruffles and Rosebuds

There was nothing wrong with the “before” shoes. But look how great they are with a little adornment, whether for women or girls! Disney, guest blogging at Whip Up, shows you how to add these cute adornments and suggests tips for making them your own. It’s fast fashion!

2010 guest blogger series: Disney with shoe refashioning at Whip Up

J. Crew Inspired Children’s Top

J. Crew inspired children's top

Do you ever see an item you love at a department store and think “I can make something just like that, but for less!” I’ve even thought, let me have a go at that – I’ll do better! Maybe I’m just full of myself? Well in this case, Terra saw a top she was inspired by and did such an amazing job with her version. It’s really cute! I love the way she just “whipped it out” – I wish I could do that . . .

J. Crew Knock Off at Mama Says Sew

Dollar Store Floral Hat Revamp

Dollar store hat refashion

Can you believe that you can make a hat like this for a dollar? You can, and it’s a great way to use up fabric scraps – because you know you have them! Actually, I have quite a few items in my stash that could used to embellish a hat. All I need for my hat “base” is a snow cap from the dollar store, and the rest is easy. You can sew leaves and flowers on, but you can also just use Fabri-Tac glue if you are of the no-sew variety. You can get the full tutorial below.

Dollar Hat Refashion Tutorial at Show & Tell

For more awesome dollar craft ideas, visit our friend Heather at Dollar Store Crafts!

Ribbon Wrapped Flower Belt

Our friend Heather participated in a challenge celebrating the first episode of Project Accessory about six months ago, and I LOVE what she came up with: a ribbon flower belt! Her ribbon wrapping technique is so pretty, and the addition of the white leather flower is perfect. I can picture this with a summer dress and a cardigan. Heather did it all on a budget, and I can’t wait for you to visit her and learn more about the project.

Project Accessory Thrifty Challenge at Dollar Store Crafts