Hoodie Becomes a Sweatshirt With Heart

I love hoodies, because they are so comfortable. Who doesn’t? But what I don’t love about hoodies is that the sometimes look frumpy, including the hood. On occasion they bunch up around the neck and aren’t . . . sexy. By any means. This conversion turned a hoodie into something worth wearing, and the little heart makes it super CUTE. I really love it, and I know I can find a hooded sweatshirt at my local thrift store for next to nothing.

Hoodie Sweatshirt Refashion at La Vie en Rose

$3 Frumpy Dress Becomes a Stunner

This transformation reminds me that I don’t look at the clearance rack at Target (my favorite store) nearly enough. What started out as a shapeless swim coverup was converted into a ruched dress with beautiful trim. I’m so impressed with Kate’s skills, and it’s easier than it looks!

Frumpy Dumpy Three Dollar Dress at see kate sew

Gray Makeover: Add Fabric to Sneakers

I love New Balance tennis shoes – they are the comfy-est things around! Some of the colors are a bit drab, however, so I love it that Barbara decided to spice them up with a bit of fabric. The tutorial requires you to make a pattern, but the rest is no-sew. Aren’t they cute?

New Balance Refashioned at Colle a roupa que chove

How to Make a Thrifted Shirt Fit Correctly

refashioning a thrift store blouse

I wish that I could better see the potential of a blouse at the thrift store. Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home did this guest post for Cheri, and look at the transformation! I never would have guessed that the shirt on the right came from the one on the left – brilliant! Visit the post to see more images (it looks totally sassy with a belt!) and get the full tutorial.

Refashionista at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

DIY Collage Necklace Knockoff

Anthropologie necklace knockoff

You could spend several hundred dollars on a designer charm necklace – or you could DIY one. I love the version that Bev made above, which was so easy to put together . . . and it doesn’t have to cost a lot, even for the knockoff version. I see charms on clearance for pennies every single time I go to the craft store. I’m going to start collecting, because I absolutely love this idea. Visit Bev to get the full tutorial.

Anthro Cameo Collage Necklace Knockoff at Flamingo Toes

Create a Ruffled Shirt Placket

ruffled tuxedo placket shirt

I have been a victim of the “too high neckline” just like Melissa from I Still Love You. Rather than pulling at your collar and being uncomfortable, give the entire shirt an overhaul One of my favorite things about this shirt is that the ruffles are forgiving, so as you long as you sew them reasonably straight it still looks cute. And as Bob Barker would say, at $5 the price is right!

$5 Refashion: The Ruffled Tuxedo at I Still Love You

Designer Inspired Nautical Tank

nautical tank refashion

Plain tank tops aren’t hard to come by, especially at great prices. If you have some scrap fabric in your stash, you can easily makeover a tank into a designer-inspired find, just like Ali did. Her tank is make to look like one found at THE best clothing store in the world – and you won’t believe how easy it was to pull together.

Nautical Inspired Shirt Refashion at Ali Foster Patterns

$1 Discount Tee to Ruffled Style Statement!

Here at Refashion Files we love to spotlight amazing fashion makeovers. And today we’d love to introduce you to a woman who has a knack for making over almost anything into something fabulous.

Meet Sachiko from Tea Rose Home.

Sachiko took a $1 clearance Fourth of July shirt and created a ruffled masterpiece.

See the complete Ruffled Shirt Tutorial at Tea Rose Home.

Turn Trousers Into Vintage Style Shorts

refashioned scallop shorts

What do you do when you have a pair of business trousers, but you need a pair of shorts? Cut the legs off and add piping! Lilly was so industrious that she also hand sewed lace trim into the pockets and scallop. I love her style, and these would look so cute with a pair of wedges and a nautical tee. I think these would also be cute made with patterned pants as well, don’t you?

Shorts Refashion at The House of Mirth