Make a Jersey Necklace From a T-Shirt!!

This is a standout refashion idea — it’s not just making clothes different — or making one kind of clothes into another kind of clothes. It’s making jewelry from clothes. And they’re fun, easy to do, you can make them in any color you like — and Melissa shows you how to do it. Plus — washable jewelry!

T-Shirt Refashion: Jersey Necklace at I Still Love You

Initial Pants From An Old Shirt

refashioned girls pants

We love things with our initials on them – doesn’t everyone? I love the idea of putting initials into a pair of girl’s pants to make her feel special, and Ashley did just that. She made these pants out of an old shirt, then added the letter “e” and some cutesy little ruffles. I’d imagine that these are perfect for lounging as well. Guess who needs these in an adult size?

Repurposing Girls Pants at Make It and Love It

5-Minute Spectacular Sandal Upcycle!

Aimee took a basic Old Navy sandal and some grosgrain ribbon — and made basic sandals into something spectacular. She shows you the simple steps — use her model or use it as an inspiration to try your own combination!

DIY Bow Sandal at Swellmayde

Turn Girls’ Jeans Into Ruffled Shorts

upcycled ruffle shorts

Sometimes the jeans that we wear on one day can turn into “highwaters” the next. It’s true! I’ve had it happen to me. Okay, not really, but if it does happen, you can always turn jeans into shorts. This post by Sarah will show you how to turn those little girl jeans into shorts by cutting the legs off and adding some fancy ruffles. Visit her to learn how.

Upcycled Ruffle Shorts at This Crazy, Blessed Life

80s Slashed or Fringed Shirts from $5 Tees!


We are fond of the 80s at our house, and we were very excited to find Simple Simon & Co.’s refashion project — take a $5 kids’ t-shirt — and with a few simple steps, you can make a cool fringed tee (above) or a slashed tee (check out the site for pics). Totally awesome, dudes!
Fringed and Slashed T-Shirts for $5 Friday at Simple Simon & Co.

Restyle Shoes By Adding Ribbon Laces

ribbon shoelace restyle

We all have that pair of shoes in the closet that isn’t quite doing it for us anymore. I’m never sure what to do with said pair of shoes except for donate them to a greater cause (aka the Goodwill). Turns out Samantha has a better idea – replace the laces! It’s easy and on a budget which means we love it. Visit Dollar Store Crafts for the tutorial.

Dollar Store Ribbon As Stylish Shoelaces at Dollar Store Crafts

Turn Old Clothes Into A Ruffled Apron!

Carrie’s Princess needed a fancy apron to help Mom in the kitchen — but why buy one when you can refashion one that fits a Princess’ exacting fashion needs from outgrown outfits? So that’s exactly what Carrie did — check it out and imagine how you might make one for you, your princess(es), or even as a gift!

Ruffled Apron Made From Old Clothes at Saving 4 Six

Make a Skirt From a Tablecloth

refashioned tablecloth skirt

I’ve seen pretty lace skirts just like this one at a designer store for what seems like a king’s ransom. I won’t mention names but let’s just say the place starts with “Anthro” and ends with “ologie.” This particular skirt was made from a lace tablecloth, which makes it that much more brilliant. I’ve seen a lot of lace tablecloths at the Goodwill, so you should see if you can get one and refashion into a beautiful skirt like this.

Tablecloth Skirt at Morning By Morning Productions

Dress Up A Plain Top Into A Banded Cardigan!

Kate cleaned out her closet and found a top that made an awkward shirt … but would make an amazing cardigan … with cute neon banding! Check out how she did it and get to work on your own refashion.

Neon Banded Cardigan at See Kate Sew

Sew a Striped Infinity Scarf

how-to-make-a-simple-scarf-infinityYou might think us crazy for posting a scarf – the weather is just about to get hot! But this is not any scarf, it’s a t-shirt scarf. On those cool summer evenings, you can wear one without being too hot . . . and just think of how cute you will look! This one particularly caught my eye because of the stripes, but obviously you can use any t-shirt that floats your boat. Even a printed one might look cool. Visit Shannon to get the simple tutorial.

The Easiest DIY T-Shirt Infinity Scarf at Madigan Made