Simple T-Shirt to Cardigan

refashion a t-shirt to a sweater

I’m one of those women that doesn’t get cold very often, especially in the summer – I’m frequently burning up! There are those rare occasions (cold front, movie theater) where I need a bit of sweater but don’t want anything bulky. That is where the t-shirt cardigan comes in! Get the cool feel and breathability of cotton with the cardigan action of a regular sweater. Any cotton t-shirt will do, and you can make several of these for hardly any money. I also love the floral accents on the lapel. How pretty!

T-Shirt to Cardigan at Keeping It Simple

Upcycle An Adult T-Shirt Into a Kids’ Pleated T-Shirt Dress!


With summer upon us, little ones need cool and stylish outfits to wear to beat the heat. Nicole shows you how to make an adorable pleated t-shirt dress from a soft adult t-shirt, bias tape and a little sewing. Perfect!

Tutorial: The Pleated T-Shirt Dress at Create and Delegate

Work Shirt to School Dress

dress shirt to school dress refashion

There comes a time when, like people, all good work shirts must be retired. For some of us we want that retirement at age 35, ha! Don’t necessarily through those retired work shirts into the giveaway pile, because you can make them into dresses, just like Stef did. The shirring and the bows make it, don’t you think? Visit Stef for the tutorial.

His Work Shirt to Her School Dress at Girl Inspired

Saucy Romper Refashion

lingerie refashion

We totally understand why Lex would NOT want to model this little number – you wouldn’t catch either of us wearing our skivvies on a blog either! This little romper is so cute, and can you believe it’s made of t-shirts? It looks really comfortable, and the stripes make it all the better. You’ll be working with elastic, but don’t be intimidated – it’s easier than you think!

Jersey Romper at Made By Lex

T-Shirt + Fabric = Adorable Girls’ Summer Maxi Dress!

Melissa’s “little fashionista” asked for a certain kind of summer dress, and Melissa delivered. What’s even better for us is that she shared how to make it. You can upcycle an old t-shirt and some cool fabric (she used voile) … and follow the directions for an amazing summer maxi dress!

Tutorial: Summer Maxi Dress, t-shirt refashion at The Polkadot Chair

A Girls’ Dress From Three Shirts

refashioned girls' dress

Can you believe how sweet this jersey dress is? Pam refashioned three t-shirts into a little girl’s dress, and there are so many cute details. The panels in the skirt are so cute – and who doesn’t love a little flower at the waist! I love this idea, and it would be fun to make another sassy version out of t-shirts with print on them.

Project Recycle – Week 3 at Threading My Way

Shirred Girls’ Shirt Dress from Men’s Shirt

Wow. We have to say that this pattern wasn’t working for us as a men’s shirt (check out the “before” on the blog), but what Dana did with it is to die for. She also gives some great tips for working with elastic … and for making a cute daisy crown to complement the finished product.

Desert Beauty at

Drab to Fab Jumper

refashioned dress

This saucy little number used to be a frumpy and unflattering frock. Katherine got it from the thrift store for 6 bucks, and it was definitely in need of a makeover! I would have had the foresight to realize that it could be such cute little jumper, but she did, and I love the finished, fun look.

Drab to Fab at Thrifted Things

Makeover a Top with “Ruffley Shoulder Business”


Things we love: Anthropologie. Inexpensive makeovers. Stylish updates. And they’re all here. Check out what Ruby did with this shirt makeover: Inspired by the $560 original dress, she updated a sweater (and upcycled another) with “ruffley shoulder business,” giving the stylish Anthro look at a fraction of the price. We love it!

Ruffley Shoulder Business at Ruby Murray’s Musings

Baby Dress From Polka Dot Polo

refashioned shirt to baby dress

I have a very similar shirt to this (from my very favorite store “Tar-jay”), so it immediately caught my eye. Turns out this fancy green polo also makes a sweet polo dress for a baby. If you know me from Mod Podge Rocks, you know that I love stripes and polka dots . . . so  you know that I love this dress. Dana is so great at refashion so I suggest you pop over and see her tutorial immediately.

Little Green Dress at MADE