Make a Pleasant Blouse From a Vintage Men’s Shirt

Lex upcycled a vintage men’s shirt into this breezy peasant shirt! She describes it as “easy, so easy,” and she shows you exactly how to put it together. You can tailor it to fit you! Add whatever accent color on the sleeve you like … just be sure to wear it with cute shoes!

Peasant Blouse Refashion Tutorial at Made By Lex

Spice Up A Sunday Dress With Lace


Sometimes you need a new outfit but just don’t have the money to buy something. So what can you do? Raid your closet just like Danielle did! She took an old teal shirt and black skirt, added lace and turned it into a beautiful Sunday dress. It looks great with the black necklace, don’t you think? Visit Danielle to see how she did it.

The Lacey Sunday Dress at Blissful and Domestic

Make A Cute Shirred Top From An Old Shirt

Have you ever been inspired by a great Pinterest pin? (Of course you have, you’re addicted like I am.) It happened to the talented owner of The Renegade Seamstress, and she created this cute shirred top from an oversized thrift store shirt. Check out her inspiration and her how-to-make it at the site!

Pin-spiration at The Renegade Seamstress

Dumpy Trouser Refashion

trouser refashion

One of my favorite words is “dumpy.” Why? It just sounds funny, and it cracks me up. It is also a great word to describe these pants before they got the perfect makeover from Sophie. She took them in and now they look like a million bucks. I love that they can be worn with cute loafers and flats. Learn more at the link below.

Trouser Refashion at Sisters 4 Say More is More

Create a Hip-Cinched Top!

Deanna saw a great blouse at Anthropologie and loved the cinch at the hip … but not the price! (Check out her site for the original inspiration.) She shows you how to upcycle and refashion a top — or even a t-shirt — with this fashionable hip cinch!

DIY Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse at Recycled Lovelies

Adventure Bag Re-Vamp

I have a very well loved backpack that just sits in the closet – because I don’t want to tear it up any more than it already is. Revamping it is a great idea! I love that this tutorial started with paint and then changed to a fabric refashion – and the fabric chosen is really cool. Visit the blog to see how it was done.

Adventure Bag Re-Vamp at Lady Mockingbird and Her Buttercups

Turn a Men’s T-Shirt into a Cute Side-Gathered Top

Based on great response to a ‘what I wore Wednesday’ post that wasn’t a tutorial, Mandy accepted the challenge … and made an awesome tutorial for the same style shirt! She found the men’s t-shirt at the thrift shop, refashioning it into this cute side-gathered top. Get all the info at her site!

Side Gathered Shirt – Tutorial – men’s shirt refashion at Sugar Bee Crafts

Refashioned Pants to Purse

refashioned pants to purse

Okay, this tutorial is just a little bit of genius. Jill used an old pair of pants and a striped shirt to make the cutest ruffled bag. The shirt became the lining AND then she even used up fabric scraps to make the teenie precious flowers. Jill deserves a refashion Academy Award, if there is such a thing (maybe someday). Visit her tutorial below.

Pants Turned Purse at Made it on Monday

Glamourize Your Flip-Flops With Beads

Ashley’s flip-flop refashion is a stunner — I just love the sparkle and glamour it brings to a basic pair of black flip flops. As Ashley described, adding fabric and beads does “fancy-up” a basic pair of flip-flops — and she shows you how!

Flip-Flop Refashion: Part 2 (Fabric Straps with Beads) at Make It and Love It

Turn T-Shirts Into Totes!

t-shirt to tote bag refashion

Are you one of “those” farmer’s market people? Me too! We have a great local one, and everyone takes re-usable bags. I recycle plastic bags as often as I can, but I realize I need to take it a step further and bring my own bags! This is a great solution, because not only can I bring my own bag, but I don’t even have to buy it. Just make it from old t-shirts! Easy peasy. Get the tutorial below.

T-Shirt Tote Bag at Etectorize