How to Cover Stains on a T-Shirt

covering stains on a t-shirt

I am guilty of being one of those persons who gets stains on their t-shirts. I’m kind of a piggie! But I love my t-shirts, and I have my favorites like everyone else, so I definitely don’t want to throw them away. This great idea shows you that you don’t have to – you can simply refashion using parts of other old t-shirts and strips of fabric! With a little sewing and ingenuity, you can have awesome t-shirts for nothing. Visit the tutorial below.

How to Stylishly Cover Stains on a Tee at Just Chic

Refashion Inspiration: Add Doily Pockets to a Cardigan!

Ready to brighten up a cardigan? Take inspiration from this Japanese catalog and simply sew doilies on as pockets! Check out more pictures and get inspired at the site.

Cawaii: It Goes In Happy Summer at Rakuten

Stuffed Animals Turned Scarves

stuffed animal scarves

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of August! Seriously, isn’t that amazing? Summer has flown by. All that means is that it’s time for a good fall refashion to get you ready – and we received this submission from Kimbo that is perfect. She took a few old stuffed animals and slashed them, then added a blanket sewn into a scarf as a fun connector. It sounds violent but the result is really cute! If you want to salvage those old blankets or stuffed animals that aren’t getting used anymore, these are prefect. Visit Kimbo to see how they were made.

For the Stuffed Animal Lover at A Girl and a Glue Gun

Refashion Any Leather / Pleather Piece into A Trendy Braided Bracelet!

Got a leather (or pleather) skirt, pair of pants, or whatever that’s ripped, the wrong size or just plain unfortunate? You don’t have to get rid of it — instead, try Alli’s awesome directions to make braided (p)leather bracelets instead! They’re right on trend (unlike the unfortunate piece you had to sacrifice to make them).

Tutorial: DIY Braided Leather (or Pleather!) Bracelet at One Pearl Button

[Update: As of April 2013, the One Pearl Button blog appears to be open only to invited readers. We’ll leave this post here for inspiration — but sadly there’s no more how-to link.]

Rescue An Old Striped Shirt

If you ask me “Amy, should a striped shirt ever been given to the Goodwill?” you’ll get a quick answer. No – you should always refashion it! Jenn did just that and selected a nautical theme with her fun, bright red anchor that she attached to the front of the stripey shirt. The red edging on the neckline and armholes just makes it. Don’t you think?

Shirt Rescue at A Jennuine Life

Pleated Skirt to Pleated Dress!

Loving the pleated dress look but unwilling to drop hundreds of dollars on one? (Of course! That’s why you’re on this site!). Sarah found the same inspiration from a Burberry dress, but kindly shared with us how we, too, can make one. Check out the tutorial (and see another example of a dress made using Sarah’s instructions here.


DIY-Pleated Dress at Welcome To The gOOd Life!

Trendy Tie-Front Top from Thrift Store Find

One of our favorite bloggers, Melissa Esplin, took her flawless taste to refashion a thrift store find (see her post) into this modern, Anthro-inspired tie-front top. And she expresses our relationship with Anthropologie perfectly — you have to read it!

Tie-Front Refashion at I Still Love You

Turn Big Jeans into Little Jeans!

Got a hard-to-fit little one? Got a cute pair of big-person or just plain bigger jeans? You can make a custom-fit pair of jeans for your little one, and it’s easier than you think. Check out the step-by-step directions — and adorable pictures!

Make Big Jeans into Little Jeans Tutorial at Cotton & Curls

Adult to Kids’ Pants Upcycle

adult to kids pants refashion

If you find a unique pair of women’s pants at Gap but they aren’t in the right size, what can you do with them? Why, turn them into a pair of children’s pants, of course! I love the stripes, tabs and waistband on these pants, and they are actually very whimsical looking and perfect for kids. If you have an existing pair of pants to use as a template, you’re good to go. Find out how to make these yourself below.

Adult-to-Kid Pants Refashion at This is Marzipan

Boys’ T-Shirt to Light Jacket!

Cheri created a cute light jacket for her boy(s) from an old t-shirt and some fabric scraps … and you can see exactly how she did it, and how you could make your own creation — or even adapt it for (gasp) a little girl!

T-Shirt to Spring Jacket at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar