DIY Studded Trench Coat — No Sew!

Meredith hit upon an easy way to make an on-trend studded trench coat … with easy, DIY studs! She tells you what supplies you’ll need (minimal), how long it took (not long), and what to expect!

 DIY Studded Trench at Meredith & Gwyneth, The New Yorkie

Thrifted (and Awesome) Boys’ Pirate Costume!

Rebecca made an awesome — and thrifty — pirate costume for her boy by visiting the thrift store. She shows you exactly what to buy and exactly how to put it together — check it out!

A Pirate Costume at Simple as That

Superhero Costumes From Men’s T-Shirts!

Malinda made the thirfty decision to try  making Batman and Robin costumes for her little boys from thrifted men’s t-shirts — instead of pricey fabric. It’s our win, too: she shows us how we can do the same thing! Check it out!

Superheroes made from men’s t-shirts at Dalhart Lane

Make A Girls’ Rapunzel Costume from a Women’s Dress!

It’s almost Halloween, so we thought it might be fun to spotlight some great refashion costume ideas!


Carrie (who has an all-around brilliant site) took a women’s dress … and turned it into a fabulous, Disney-style Rapunzel costume. She tells you how she did it and even shares a link to how to make the yarn wig. It looks so much better than a store-bought costume — and is a thrifty refashion to boot!

Making Stuff: Rapunzel Costume {women’s dress refashion} at This Mama Makes Stuff

Turn a Onesie into a DIY Ghost Costume!

It’s almost Halloween, so we thought it might be fun to spotlight some great refashion costume ideas!

Here’s an easy idea that turns a plain white onesie into a DIY Ghost Cotume! Check out the full tutorial at Makoodle!

Cute Chevron-Stamped Tee!


Jen had the idea to make a chevron tee from an inexpensive tee — with just some cut sponges and fabric paint. And …we must say … it looks awesome! She shows you how easy it is: give it a try with your favorite colors or shapes!

CRAFT: Chevron Stamped Tee at Eat Sleep Make

Customize Your Eyeglasses Case!

Ann-Kay disliked the dark blue color of her eyeglasses case … and decided to make it something she enjoyed using! With some paint and tape she made it a unique statement. Read how she did it — and get inspired for your own creation!

DIY: Eyeglass Case Makeover at Ann-Kay

Make Custom T-Shirts With Inexpensive Stencils!

Natalie, a home-schooling mom (and so much more!), wanted to make a back-to-school wardrobe for her kids — and make them just what they wanted! So with a “grundle” of dollar-store tees (like 20-30!), she broke out the freezer paper, her Silhouette (you could use a hobby knife), and the fabric paint … to make these super cool and super custom tees! Learn how you can do it too!

Back to School Wardrobe on a Budget! at Doodle Craft

Refashion a Sweater into Girls Boot Socks!!

Have you seen the Boot Socks that are all the rage this Fall? Rhiannon from Being Mom{me} took an old sweater and refashioned it into an awesome pair of boot socks for her daughter. So cute!!

Be sure to check out the whole tutorial over at Being Mom{me}!!



Add Handmade Details to a Onesie!

Sundi was looking for a unique baby gift … and came up with this brilliant way of adding some adorable details to a plain onesie! You might try giving this with complementary accessories too! She shows you how to add these simple but cute adornments for a one-of-a-kind baby outfit.

Handmade Onesie Gift Ideas at The Life of a Cheap Chickadee