Girl’s Skirt From a Dress

refashioned dress to skirt

I remember what it was like to be a child and not to fit into clothes. I felt like some sort of jolly green giant when my mom would have me try on summer clothes from the year before and I didn’t fit into them. I grew quickly! If you have a child like me, and a dress like Nike that doesn’t fit anymore, then how about making a skirt from it? Visit Nike to get the full tutorial.

The Outgrown Dress at Thrive

Easy Maxi-Skirt — with Faux Cami!


Got some comfy fabric? Jill did, and shows you how to make a comfy maxi skirt … but with a twist! Add a relaxed waistband that looks like you’ve got a cami layer … without the cami! She shows you how!

Faux Cami Maxi Skirt at Made It On Monday

Make A Ruffle Scarf From a T-Shirt

DIY ruffle scarf

For those who have never met me in real life, I am a serial scarf wearer. Some might say a scarf is like my “binkie” or some sort of security blanket – and they might be right. I love wearing all different kinds from heavy to lightweight, and with the fall coming, this DIY ruffle scarf from Cheryl is perfect. She made it from a t-shirt, so the price is right (and the tutorial is very easy). Visit her to learn how she did it.

DIY Ruffle Scarf at That’s What {Che} Said

Tailored “Hi-Low” Shirt from Men’s Shirt

Got a boxy men’s shirt with a great pattern? Turn it into this cute, tailored, “hi-low” shirt — cut to fit your shape! Kelly shows you, step-by-step, how to do it.

Hi-Low Uncle’s Shirt Makeover at Restitch Me

UPDATE June 5, 2013: looks like this blog has disappeared from the Internet. We’ll leave the links up just in case it reappears. If nothing else we’ll have to look just at this photo for inspiration.


Turn a Dress Into a Maxi Skirt

dress to maxi skirt refashion

I’ve always wanted to try a maxi skirt but have been afraid that the knit fabric might not be, uh-hem, forgiving to my imperfections. I like this refashion that Mandy did – she used a ruffled dress that was way too large for her and scaled it down into a maxi skirt. I’m thinking those ruffles might be perfect for me! Now just to find a ruffled dress. Visit Mandy to get her tutorial.

Dress to Maxi Skirt Refashion at Sugar Bee Crafts

Dye Denim For A New Look!

Meredith knows that after Labor Day it’s time to put the white denim away … or is it? She shows you some great ways to make denim new again with a simple dye job — check it out!

Dye Job: DIY Colored Denim at Meredith & Gwyneth, The New Yorkie

Cardigan Vest for $1

refashioned cardigan

I’ve always wondered what I could wear with a cute, wide belt. I’ve felt that some of those dresses I see with belts aren’t quite my style and wouldn’t look good on me. I think I’ve finally found an option! Liz turned an old t-shirt into a cute cardigan vest, and she did it for less than $1. That wide belt and t-shirt looks smashing with it, and this vest is totally my style (AND I could even make it with the tutorial!). Visit Liz to find out how she did it.

Make Your Own Knit Cardigan Vest for $1 at Simple Simon & Co.

Girls’ Neon Doily Shirt!


Kara found a great way to dress up a simple white t-shirt with inexpensive supplies. It’s cute, simple, and she shows you exactly what you’ll need and how to make it!

Neon Doily T-Shirt {tutorial} at Mine for the Making

Maternity Skirt From Men’s Pants

refashioned maternity skirt

I imagine no one wants to spend a bundle on maternity clothes. After all, you aren’t wearing them long – and the super stretchy waistband is often worn only at the end of a pregnancy. If you want some cute maternity clothes, like maybe a skirt, then check out this tutorial from Jen. You might not believe it, but she only spent $.23 on them. I’m so jealous!

Maternity Skirt From Men’s Pants at Monkey See Monkey Do

Turtleneck to Draped Tank!

Stephanie found a great way to turn a dated or frumpy turtleneck into a draped and fabulous tank! Check out more pictures and some helpful tips — and get inspired to rework your dated tops!

Turtleneck Makeover at Make Home Make Sense