Make Mother/Daughter Ragdoll Costumes

What could be cuter than matching Halloween costumes for you and your little one? Make DIY yarn wigs and transform some regular clothes into adorable Rag Doll outfits.

Find out how to make these costumes at A Beautiful Mess.

Plush Toilet Seat Cover to DIY Viking Costume

This DIY Halloween costume is really creative.  Cheri took a new plush bathroom seat cover and turned it into an integral part of a DIY Viking Costume. Awesome! I love seeing things refashioned into something else!

Be sure to check out the tutorial at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar!! What are YOUR kids going to be this Halloween?? Let us know in the comments — we would love to see YOUR great ideas!!



Turn a Sweatshirt into a Monster Costume

This might be one of the cutest ideas yet! Embellish a sweatshirt with details to make a monster costume. There is also an idea to add ruffles that look like a skeleton for a girl. So fun. I also love that embellishing a sweatshirt is a warm costume idea for a chilly Halloween night!

Find out how to make both of these adorable costume ideas at Fiskars!

Turn Cardboard into a Space Costume

This is an awesome refashion idea. Take cardboard and paint a headpiece for a Halloween Costume. The possibilities are endless. And I love that it’s so affordable. All you need to do is add some dark clothes and you have an original and memorable costume this Halloween! And this idea would also be so fun to make for a Family Costume theme!

See the examples and instructions at Martha Stewart.

Turn a Pillowcase into a Pumpkin Costume

I don’t know about you, but I have a few mismatched pillowcases hanging around my house. How about transforming one into a cute Halloween costume?


Find out how to make this Pumpkin Costume at Martha Stewart.

Turn a Thrifted Raincoat into a Head In A Jar Costume

This is an outfit your older kids will love – and maybe younger ones too! Take a thrifted raincoat and a plastic cheese ball container and turn them into a Head In A Jar costume. It’s sure to be the talk of any Halloween party!

Find out how to make this spooky costume at 30 Handmade Days.

Make a Halloween Squid Costume

Here’s a great idea — take an old hooded towel and use it as a pattern to make a DIY Squid Costume. This is an easy costume that your kids will love!

Be sure to check out the complete tutorial at Kojo Designs.

Make a Upcycled Scarecrow Costume

A scarecrow costume is perfect for Fall and Halloween! I love that Heather took a pair of old overalls and gave them a new look with RIT dye and some awesome patches, to make a fabulous costume for her son.

This idea shows that you can take everyday clothing and make an outstanding costume. All it takes is imagination! Be sure to check the full tutorial at Mom’s Crafty Space.

Turn a Candy Bag into A Trick-Or-Treat Bag

Wait!! Don’ throw those plastic candy bags away! Turn them into cool Trick-or-Treat bags! I love the graphic look of these bags. And for almost free, what a great idea.

Be sure to check out the full tutorial at Choose To Thrive for the instructions!!

Onesie to Baby Sushi Costume

This might be my favorite onesie transformation yet. Turn a onesie into a sushi costume for Halloween. So cute and it was featured on the Martha Stewart Show. Cool!

Find out more at The Wishing Elephant. And you can buy your own at The Wishing Elephant etsy shop.