DIY peplum top

DIY peplum top

Ge feminine!!! Peplum tops are very trendy right now. This peplum was refashioned from a Men’s shirt. Love the pattern of the top and it doesn’t at all look like a mans top!

DIY peplum top from Cotton and Curls

Men’s Shirt to Girls’ Blouse


Tamika took her father-in-law’s shirt (with permission 🙂 ) and turned it into this adorable top for her daughter.  Using a Butterick pattern she adapted to put the buttons in the back, she made this cute top! You could modify the design with sleeves, and there are even more ideas in the comments!

Men’s Shirt Refashion at Clouds Full of Rain

11 Button up shirt Refashion tutorials

11 refashion tutorials


We are wrapping up our Mens refashions this month as May starts to draw to a close but don’t miss out on this round up of 11 tutorials reusing a Men’s Button up shirt!

Button up Shirt Tutorials on Heather Feather

Men’s Shirt to Sleeveless Peasant Blouse



Jordan made this cute sleeveless peasant blouse from a men’s shirt — see her pictures and her Anthropologie inspiration … and get inspired to make your own men’s shirt makeover!

First Big Project Complete! at Blueprint Crafts

DIY handbag refashion with Mans Tie

At the beginning of the month Jen and I issued our tween age daughters to a REfashion challenge! We gave them some Men’s ties and let them run with their creativity!

My daughter Molly created a Refashion for girls her age and is excited to share it today!

Tween DIY bag refashion



Man’s Tie

(sewing machine/glue gun: optional)

Iron on Decal from Plaid

handbag refashion

 Step 1: Cut the strap off the handbag. We made sure we bought a handbag that only had one strap and metal loops for the refashion.

handbag refashion 2

Step 2: We used the Mans tie as the new strap and adjusted the length that would hang perfectly on her. To secure the strap you can either tie a knot at each end, fold it over and sew it or fold it over and hot glue it. Choose the option that’s best for you and be sure to ask your mom first if needed!

DIY handbag steps

Step 3: Follow the package instruction for your iron on decal – place, iron and you are done!!

iron on decal refashion


diy handbag refashion 2

diy handbag refashion

I’ll be giving her monthly REFASHION challenges and she’s be sharing them here! So grab your girls and create along with us! and of course – send us a picture of what you create or your questions!!! 🙂 xo

Hannah’s Challenge Project: Men’s Ties to Fabric Flowers [Video Tutorial]

Hi! It’s Hannah here, and for this month’s theme of men’s refashions, I made fabric flowers from men’s ties!

flowers made out of refashioned ties

They’re super easy to do, and patterns that don’t seem to look very good on a man’s tie can make a super cute fabric flower accessory. I show you how I made them in the video below, and they’re easy to do.


flower accessories from refashioned ties

See my video tutorial below to see how I did it.

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It’s a Holiday Monday here! We hope that everyone enjoys the long Memorial day weekend! We have some projects to reveal this week with new, original tutorials! Want to see the big reveal of what our daughters made from our mens refashion challenge this month? Stay tuned!

In the meantime….We’d love for you to check out the REfashion Files Pinterest boards! And leave the link to your favorite refashion board as well!

See you tomorrow for more REFASHION fabulous-ness!

Shirred womens blouse

shirred top refashion


It’s fun to take a menswear challenge! Here’s one I did with a mans button down top. A little shirring and some zippers for a hard edge and it’s completely transformed! Get the how to!

Shirred womens blouse refashion on Brassy Apple

Button-Down Shirt to Kids’ Knapsack



Look at this fun idea for a simple kids’ knapsack from a men’s button-down shirt. It’s simple to do — could even be a kids’ sewing project. You’ll probably need a large or extra-large shirt to upcycle, but you (and your kids) will have a great time making it with the simple instructions.
Dad’s-Shirt Sack at Martha Stewart Kids

Dress from button down top

refashioned dress 2


Grandpas night shirt becomes a great Spring dress for this woman. It turned out super cute! So grab some extra oversized tops and get sewing!

Dress from Button down top on Dee*construction