Girls’ Dress from Men’s Pajamas!

green girls dress

Dana’s amazing, and that’s why this is the second feature of her awesome refashions this week! As she says, based on her Shirt Dress Tutorial, and inspired by this cute tutorial at Freshly Picked, she made this super cute girls dress from a men’s pajama top. Of course, you don’t have to choose green — use any color you like, and you can make it longer, too, if you like!

Green Dress at Dana Made It

T-shirt hats

boys tshirt hat thsirt hat refashion


Super fun option for boys, girls and adults too!!! Take old shirts and create some comfy hats.

T-shirt hats from At Second Street and I am Momma Hear me Roar

Coquette Peplum Blouse from Men’s Shirt!


I am in love with this refashion. Take one white men’s button down shirt … follow Miriam’s brilliant instructions … and you’ve got an amazing, tailored peplum blouse! I don’t even know where to begin — is it the cute blue dye? The updated buttons (now on the back)? The tailoring? You have to go see this — and get inspired to upcycle your own!

The Button Up Refashion Swap at Mad Mim

30 ways to refashion shirts

30 ways to refashion a mens top


What’s better than 1 great? How about 30 of them all in 1 spot! From full refashions to ones using smaller pieces like this collar/bowtie necklace!

30 ways to refashion shirts on Crooked Brains

Fabric Necklace from Men’s T-Shirt!

jersey necklace



Melissa Esplin — one of my favorites — adapted an idea from Ultra Vroom and created these awesome braided jersey fabric necklaces. You can use jersey fabric, of course, but she shows you how to use XL/XXL men’s t-shirts. You can upcycle used ones, or buy inexpensive ones when they go on clearance somewhere like Old Navy (I see last season’s tees or tees for holidays just past there for only a couple of dollars).


Men’s Tee to open backed top

refashioned tshirt open back

I love when menswear is refashioned for women’s wear. They can be sporty, casual or feminine. Here’s another tutorial that starts with flipping the shirt around to be backwards and it totally works!

Open Back tshirt refashion from Cotton & Curls

Seaside Girls’ Dress from Men’s Shirt!

seaside dress


Dana rescued a striped shirt from the recesses of her husband’s closet — and turned it into this adorable girls’ dress. She shows you just how to do it, and it’s easier than you think it might be. The yellow waistband is the perfect accent!

Seaside Stripes and Shirt Dress Tutorial at Dana Made It

Oversized Polo Refashion

refashioned polo skirt merricks art


From a mens oversized polo shirt to this trendy number??? Love it!!! You can create the same look by first wearing the skirt backwards! Yup! that’s right! Get all the details!

Oversized Polo Refashion to womans top from Merricks Art

Boys’ Button-Up Shirts from Men’s Shirts! (With Dinosaurs!)

Boy Button-up Refashion, T-Rex[3]


Well, obviously, the dinosaur applique makes it extra awesome. But Theresa’s instructions make it easy to make these adorable shirts from daddy’s hand-me-downs, or, as always, tag sale or thrift store treasures!

Mama’s Cutting Up Daddy’s Shirts, Again! at Theresa’s To-Dos

Refashioned dress

refashioned dress


A whole refashioned ensemble! This is a knockoff that gives you the instructions for the skirt and the ruffled top. Get creative and bust that refashioned stash pile with this tutorial!

Refashioned dress from So you think you’re crafty!