DIY Striped Dress Refashion

diy striped dress

Sometimes the clothes we have just need a little “umph” or help. This dress in her closet from the nineties totally gets brought into trend with a little shave here and there from the sewing machine! Love that it’s knit too and that makes it comfy to wear!

DIY striped dress refashion from Cotton & Curls

Summer Cardigan from Sweater!

summer cardi

I love this sweater refashion! This cardi is so cute with the shorter sleeves, and Jen’s step-by-step picture tutorial makes it easy for you to refresh and refashion one of your cardigans into a summer staple!

(refashion) Summer Cardi at iCandy Handmade

DIY Peplum Tank

diy peplum


Peplum has been popular this year! You can tone it down for a more casual look and feel with this tank version made from tshirts! The look of the trend with the comfort of a tee! Brillant!

DIY Peplum Tank top from OH Sweet Joy!

Easy Shorts from Pants


What can be easier … shorts from pants! You don’t even have to sew, but the rolled cuff stays better if you do. Auna shows you how to shorten pants — to just the right length for your taste and your figure!

J.Crew Pants to Shorts Refashion (no sew option!) at La Vie en Rose

Summer top from 2 scarves

diy summer top

Genius! I love a simple genius idea. She refashioner took 2 scarves and created 1 top. And what a cute, chic top it is! Lightweight and fun for Summer!

DIY Top from Scarves on Talk to the Trees

T-Shirts to Summer Skirt!


Heather and daughter Hales hit on the perfect combination of style and modesty with this awesome skirt refashion. It takes a couple of  t-shirts and a sewing machine (check out Heather’s awesome machine) … but it’s a pretty easy project! Check out their step-by-step how-to!

Shirt to Skirt | T-shirt Refashion at Whipperberry

Easy T-shirt Headband

Tshirt headband

Summer if the time of easy fashion and hairstyles too!!! Give this Tshirt headband a try and pop it on for a quick no fuss hairdo for the day!

DIY T-shirt Headband from Milo & Ben

Summer Refashions: June’s Second Theme!

While we love patriotic refashions, it’s time to move on to summer refashions! it’s time to get started on any patriotic refashions if you haven’t already … but summer lasts longer than Independence Day! So to welcome summer, we’re moving on to our second theme of the month, summer refashions!

We’re focusing on warm-weather wear, summer colors and clothes to play in! And we’d love to see and feature your summer refashions, so send them in: just click the “Submit Your Refashion” link above! Happy summer!


Drop Cloth Flags



I don’t like buying flags. I don’t dislike flags at all — I just think most of the ones you can buy are cheap-looking!

Sue had the brilliant idea of printing your own flags on drop cloths. I love the vintage, tactile look of these flags — and you can make them, too! She shows you just what to do.

Print Your Own Drop Cloth Flags at Creative “Try”als


4th of July Wreath

4th of july wreath


Love a project that can completed with simple everyday items from around the house! See if you have the supplies and get started!

4th of July Wreath  from A Little Hut