Upcycled Hoodies!



These upcycled hoodies are amazing! Update last year’s hoodies with these great embellishment ideas. (Tip: Click the “tutorial for upcycled hoodies” link in the article to go directly to a step-by-step downloadable doc!) Imagine all of the possibilities!

Inspiration Workshop No. 3 – Green at Brooch the Subject

Easy Jeans Embellishing!


We love this awesome how-to! Rather than show you how to make only one style of embellished jeans, Jess shows you how to decorate them however you — or more likely, your offspring — likes them done! Check out her awesome how-to!

Embellishing Jeans: a Quick Tutorial at If Only They Would Nap

Refashion a Tank or Tee with Double-Decker Fringe!




Got a teen or tween tired of a top? Have her refresh and refashion with this fun idea. It works best on a top that’s a little too long! Just follow the easy, step-by-step how-to in this great post!

DIY: Fringe Net Tank at Pop Champagne

August Theme: Back to School! Show us your favorites!

We hate to give up the summer refashions, but it’s time to start thinking about autumn and back-to-school! So our theme in August is, of course, “Back to School refashions!”

Some summer refashions will still apply — it’s still warm when school begins — but it’s definitely time to get out of vacation mode. Yes, we know — we feel the same way — where did the summer go?

We’d love to see and feature your back-to-school refashions, so send them in: just click the “Submit Your Refashion” link above!

Camisole to “Neapolitan” Ombre Summer Dress


Check out this “neapolitan” summer dress! It’s a $1 thrift store find — a camisole — with an added tier. See just how it was done, and get inspired for your $1 summer wardrobe addition that’s unique to you!

Thrift Store Thursday: The Neopolitan Dream Frock at Grosgrain Fabulous

Skirt to Girls’ Summer Top!

photo (9)

Danielle took a too-short skirt with a cute print … and turned it into this adorable summer top for her daughter! Check out how she did it … and the picture of a kangaroo outside her window (a first for a Refashion Files feature).  You’ll enjoy her how-to instructions, complete with what decisions and trade-offs she had to make. What a great refashion!

Refashion: Girl’s Summer top at One Small Stitch

Summer Top from Old Cardigan!



We’ve all got a cardigan somewhere that’s just not quite right … but it’s so comfy we hate to part with it. Here’s an awesome way to refashion it — in under 30 minutes with your sewing machine. Check out Agy’s easy how-to!

Another Refashion – Upcycle Your Cardigan! at Green Issues by Agy

Girls’ Summer Dress Set from Women’s Dress!

heading[1]Pam’s summer dress for girls is an amazing refashion! Not only is it cute, but it includes accessories. Check out how she made this cute dress from a woman’s dress — and then repurposed an old shirt to help with the accessories and sash!

Dress Refashion at Threading My Way


Preppy Boys’ Shorts From Women’s Jacket!

Summer Boy Refashion[3]


These little boys’ shorts are so adorable! but we did not expect to find out they’re made from a women’s jacket! The directions are surprisingly easy, and Theresa shows you just how she did it. It’s always nice when you can make something awesome out of something you don’t use anymore — the essence of refashion!

Sewing For Summer, Preppy Boy Shorts at Theresa’s To-Dos

Light Peasant Top from Men’s T-Shirt!

t-shirt to peasant top


It’s hard to imagine this top started life as an oversized men’s t-shirt! It’s light and airy; perfect for summer. And it’s also simple to make! We love how Michelle made this top — and she shows you how you can make one, too! We love the white, but we can imagine it in many other colors, too!

Tutorial: Lighter Than Air Peasant Top at My Gramma Said