Vintage Shirt to Fall Infinity Scarf!


We still enjoy plaid in moderation — and this is the perfect way to enjoy it! Take that old plaid shirt — or any old shirt with a pattern you like — and turn it into an infinity scarf. Kristen shows you how easy it is to refashion — you can do it too in minutes!

Thrift Store Refashion: Fall Infinity Scarf! at It Comes Full Circle

Easy Braided Ribbon Headband Refashion



Got a tired headband? (Or even one from the dollar store?) Grab some ribbon — and perhaps some girls who need something to do — and check out this awesome how-to (there’s even a video link in the comments) — and make cute headbands to match any and every outfit!

Headband Refashion at Skip to my Lou

DIY girls arm warmers

diy arm warmers for girls

This could almost be a no sew project! It just depends on the style you want to create! This refashion is created from long socks! Just a few snips and some embellishments if you want them and your girls can be stylish and original!

DIY girls arm warmers from Brassy Apple

DIY ruffle headband

ruffle headband


Accessories are my favorite part of Back to School shopping/creating (besides the new supplies – do you love new crayons too?) Instead of buying a bunch of headbands make this one that is INTERCHANGABLE! Yeah! One headband with lots of looks!

DIY Ruffle Headband from Funky PolkaDot Giraffe

DIY Mermaid Tail Towel

mermaid diy towel


My daughter would LOVE to have this! There are lots of creative things you can do with towels but I am in love with this magical option! Create a mermaid tail and keep the fun of the “water” going!

DIY Mermaid Tail Towel from Stitch to my Lou

DIY Beach Towel Bag

diy beach towel bag


Towel bags can be the best for a day at the lake or the beach! Have you ever refashioned a towel into a bag or something else useful? You probably have a few in your linen closet that could be whipped up into one of these!

DIY Beach Towel Bag from Martha Stewart

DIY Pocketed Beach Towel

diy beach towel martha stewart


Oh how I love smart design and refashion! Leave it to Martha Stewart to create a SMART beach towel – pockets!!! it keeps track of all the little things without getting scattered or lost in the sand. Love it! This needs to go on your must do list this Summer!

DIY Beach towel with Pockets from Martha Stewart

DIY 4th of July

introducing patriotic projects - refashion files


Happy 4th of July!!! We’ve got a site full of DIY Patriotic and DIY 4th of July fashion, home decor and accessories! Some you could craft up right away – quick and easy – and some would be perfect to PIN for later!

Shirt to Summer Scarf



There are many things to love about this refashion, but to us, not only is it a great project, but it hints at a greater refashion principle. If you like the fabric or pattern in something, you can make it into something that matches current styles or your new wardrobe — you can make something fresh!

That said, here’s an amazing how-to turning a skirt into a summer scarf from the super-talented Heather.

Skirt to Summer Scarf Refashion at Sew-Over-It

Easy T-shirt Headband

Tshirt headband

Summer if the time of easy fashion and hairstyles too!!! Give this Tshirt headband a try and pop it on for a quick no fuss hairdo for the day!

DIY T-shirt Headband from Milo & Ben