Plain Bracelets to Red, White and Blue!



I love Alexis’ simple yet stylish Independence Day idea — starting with simple white twine bracelets and dipping alternate sides in dye. You could even use marker in a pinch! You can try your own variation of this — and get inspired by her red and blue variations, too!

Red, DYE and Blue…Patriotic Bracelets at Jacolyn Murphy

Patriotic Headbands from Tshirts

4th of July Headbands from t-shirts

Let’s get you ready for the 4th of July REFASHION style! During the first few weeks of June we’ll be featuring RED, white and BLUE refashions so you can sport the colors in style (and with items you might already have!) These headbands are a NO SEW project that can be created 3 different ways!

4th of July headbands from Tshirts from Bless This Mess

DIY handbag refashion with Mans Tie

At the beginning of the month Jen and I issued our tween age daughters to a REfashion challenge! We gave them some Men’s ties and let them run with their creativity!

My daughter Molly created a Refashion for girls her age and is excited to share it today!

Tween DIY bag refashion



Man’s Tie

(sewing machine/glue gun: optional)

Iron on Decal from Plaid

handbag refashion

 Step 1: Cut the strap off the handbag. We made sure we bought a handbag that only had one strap and metal loops for the refashion.

handbag refashion 2

Step 2: We used the Mans tie as the new strap and adjusted the length that would hang perfectly on her. To secure the strap you can either tie a knot at each end, fold it over and sew it or fold it over and hot glue it. Choose the option that’s best for you and be sure to ask your mom first if needed!

DIY handbag steps

Step 3: Follow the package instruction for your iron on decal – place, iron and you are done!!

iron on decal refashion


diy handbag refashion 2

diy handbag refashion

I’ll be giving her monthly REFASHION challenges and she’s be sharing them here! So grab your girls and create along with us! and of course – send us a picture of what you create or your questions!!! 🙂 xo

Hannah’s Challenge Project: Men’s Ties to Fabric Flowers [Video Tutorial]

Hi! It’s Hannah here, and for this month’s theme of men’s refashions, I made fabric flowers from men’s ties!

flowers made out of refashioned ties

They’re super easy to do, and patterns that don’t seem to look very good on a man’s tie can make a super cute fabric flower accessory. I show you how I made them in the video below, and they’re easy to do.


flower accessories from refashioned ties

See my video tutorial below to see how I did it.

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Button-Down Shirt to Kids’ Knapsack



Look at this fun idea for a simple kids’ knapsack from a men’s button-down shirt. It’s simple to do — could even be a kids’ sewing project. You’ll probably need a large or extra-large shirt to upcycle, but you (and your kids) will have a great time making it with the simple instructions.
Dad’s-Shirt Sack at Martha Stewart Kids

T-shirt hats

boys tshirt hat thsirt hat refashion


Super fun option for boys, girls and adults too!!! Take old shirts and create some comfy hats.

T-shirt hats from At Second Street and I am Momma Hear me Roar

Fabric Necklace from Men’s T-Shirt!

jersey necklace



Melissa Esplin — one of my favorites — adapted an idea from Ultra Vroom and created these awesome braided jersey fabric necklaces. You can use jersey fabric, of course, but she shows you how to use XL/XXL men’s t-shirts. You can upcycle used ones, or buy inexpensive ones when they go on clearance somewhere like Old Navy (I see last season’s tees or tees for holidays just past there for only a couple of dollars).


Men’s Ties to Boys’ Ties!


It’s hard to find boy’s ties that are cute — or sometimes even to find any at all. With Sonia’s picture tutorials, you can make a cute boy’s tie from any men’s tie, be it daddy’s or a thrift store treasure!

Re-purposing Men’s Ties to Boys’ Ties: 3 Picture Tutorials at Practical Stewardship

Hats from T-shirts refashion

tshirt hat refashion


Let’s hear it for the boy! Kids grow so quickly so why not refashion their clothes for other uses!? This tutorial is genius for creating tshirts into hats! Plus the added extras she included really sets them apart!

DIY boys upcycled HAT from I am Momma Hear me ROAR

DIY neck tie headband

diy neck tie headband refashion

From manly to feminine! This neck tie goes from around the neck to around the head! Think of all the fun patterns and colors you could choose from and wear!

DIY neck tie headband from A Red Ribbon