Sew An Apron From An Old Skirt

make an apron from a skirt

Do you like to cook in something a little more fancy than a basic apron? And more importantly, do you make a cooking mess like I do? If either or both are true, you’ll need this apron sewn from an old skirt. Buying a pretty skirt is a sure bet to making a pretty apron, and you’ll find plenty of pretty skirts either in your closet or the local thrift store. Get the complete instructions from the blog below!

How to Make An Apron From A Recycled Skirt at House Revivals

Turn Old Clothes Into A Ruffled Apron!

Carrie’s Princess needed a fancy apron to help Mom in the kitchen — but why buy one when you can refashion one that fits a Princess’ exacting fashion needs from outgrown outfits? So that’s exactly what Carrie did — check it out and imagine how you might make one for you, your princess(es), or even as a gift!

Ruffled Apron Made From Old Clothes at Saving 4 Six