Easy Jeans Embellishing!


We love this awesome how-to! Rather than show you how to make only one style of embellished jeans, Jess shows you how to decorate them however you — or more likely, your offspring — likes them done! Check out her awesome how-to!

Embellishing Jeans: a Quick Tutorial at If Only They Would Nap

Boys Jeans Refashion

union jack jeans refashion


Love Union Jack? You can amp up your plain jeans with a few stitches. Give that boy some style!

Boys Jeans Refashion from Makeit-Loveit

DIY boys monster jeans

DIY boys monster jeans


What little boy wouldn’t love his hole-y jeans refashioned into monster jeans or even aliens! There are two options – the SEW version and the NO SEW version! Just a few simple supplies and those jeans just might become his favorite! Read now or PIN for later!

DIY boys monster patch jeans from Brassy Apple

Dye Denim For A New Look!

Meredith knows that after Labor Day it’s time to put the white denim away … or is it? She shows you some great ways to make denim new again with a simple dye job — check it out!

Dye Job: DIY Colored Denim at Meredith & Gwyneth, The New Yorkie

Tailor Jeans – And Keep The Original Hem

It’s a bit pricey — and scary — to have jeans hemmed. If you don’t keep the original hem, they never look quite right. Fortunately, there’s a great way to hem them and keep the original hem, and Refashion Mama shows you just how to do it!

Alteration: My new favorite way to keep original hem on jeans at Refashion Mama

Turn Big Jeans into Little Jeans!

Got a hard-to-fit little one? Got a cute pair of big-person or just plain bigger jeans? You can make a custom-fit pair of jeans for your little one, and it’s easier than you think. Check out the step-by-step directions — and adorable pictures!

Make Big Jeans into Little Jeans Tutorial at Cotton & Curls

Refashion Jeans Into Pastel Skinny Jeans!!

Amanda had a nice pair of dark flared jeans … that she turned into on-trend, skinny pastel jeans. Learn how she did it … and how you can, too. Don’t throw away: refashion!

Pink Skinny Jeans {a refashion} at The Little Giggler