Easy Shorts from Pants


What can be easier … shorts from pants! You don’t even have to sew, but the rolled cuff stays better if you do. Auna shows you how to shorten pants — to just the right length for your taste and your figure!

J.Crew Pants to Shorts Refashion (no sew option!) at La Vie en Rose

DIY star jeans

star jeans DIY


We’ve all seen DIY polka dot jeans, hearts, etc so why not STARS for the 4th? It can be a no sew project!!! and it’s so simple! Get the how to and be styling in these shorts!

DIY Star jean shorts from La Vie en Rose

Boys Jeans Refashion

union jack jeans refashion


Love Union Jack? You can amp up your plain jeans with a few stitches. Give that boy some style!

Boys Jeans Refashion from Makeit-Loveit

Man’s shirt to Boys pants

boys refashion

The men’s refashions this month are getting creative! Get the step by step on this transformation! It’s great for those boys with longer legs!

Man’s shirt to boys pants from Meggipeg

DIY boys monster jeans

DIY boys monster jeans


What little boy wouldn’t love his hole-y jeans refashioned into monster jeans or even aliens! There are two options – the SEW version and the NO SEW version! Just a few simple supplies and those jeans just might become his favorite! Read now or PIN for later!

DIY boys monster patch jeans from Brassy Apple

Dye Denim For A New Look!

Meredith knows that after Labor Day it’s time to put the white denim away … or is it? She shows you some great ways to make denim new again with a simple dye job — check it out!

Dye Job: DIY Colored Denim at Meredith & Gwyneth, The New Yorkie

Tailor Jeans – And Keep The Original Hem

It’s a bit pricey — and scary — to have jeans hemmed. If you don’t keep the original hem, they never look quite right. Fortunately, there’s a great way to hem them and keep the original hem, and Refashion Mama shows you just how to do it!

Alteration: My new favorite way to keep original hem on jeans at Refashion Mama

Turn Big Jeans into Little Jeans!

Got a hard-to-fit little one? Got a cute pair of big-person or just plain bigger jeans? You can make a custom-fit pair of jeans for your little one, and it’s easier than you think. Check out the step-by-step directions — and adorable pictures!

Make Big Jeans into Little Jeans Tutorial at Cotton & Curls

Adult to Kids’ Pants Upcycle

adult to kids pants refashion

If you find a unique pair of women’s pants at Gap but they aren’t in the right size, what can you do with them? Why, turn them into a pair of children’s pants, of course! I love the stripes, tabs and waistband on these pants, and they are actually very whimsical looking and perfect for kids. If you have an existing pair of pants to use as a template, you’re good to go. Find out how to make these yourself below.

Adult-to-Kid Pants Refashion at This is Marzipan

Make “Fancy Pocket” Shorts from Sweatpants!

Get a lot of hand-me downs that need a little bit of help? Kat has a great idea for making cute kids’ shorts — with fancy pockets — from hand-me-down sweatpants! Check out her easy tutorial.

Repurposed Sweatpants to Fancy Pocket Shorts Tutorial at Our Homespun Haven