DIY colored Jeans

dye your jeans


This is honestly a process I’d love to TRY! She took dark denim jeans and transformed them into pair of colored ones! Looks fun to try right? Boost your style this Fall with some fun colored jeans!

DIY Colored Jeans from Little Giggler


Ruffled pant hems



Girls will go crazy for these! jeans and ruffles?! They will be excited! Add some fun, color, pattern and LENGTH if needed but adding ruffles! A refashion that will have the little girls squealing!

Ruffled pant hems on The Mother Huddle

Pants to TUNIC kids refashion

back to school girls refashion

This refashion is one of those that makes my jaw drop and take another look thinking, “no way!” Totally love it! From a pair of pants to this cute girls tunic! YES indeed!

Pants to Tunic Kids Refashion from At Second Street

Man’s shirt to Boys pants

boys refashion

The men’s refashions this month are getting creative! Get the step by step on this transformation! It’s great for those boys with longer legs!

Man’s shirt to boys pants from Meggipeg