August Theme: Back to School! Show us your favorites!

We hate to give up the summer refashions, but it’s time to start thinking about autumn and back-to-school! So our theme in August is, of course, “Back to School refashions!”

Some summer refashions will still apply — it’s still warm when school begins — but it’s definitely time to get out of vacation mode. Yes, we know — we feel the same way — where did the summer go?

We’d love to see and feature your back-to-school refashions, so send them in: just click the “Submit Your Refashion” link above!

July REFASHION Challenge to FLIP for!

Hannah and Molly have been issued a new refashion challenge this month!

Their first challenge was to Refashion Men’s ties. You can see Hannahs and Molly’s Projects by clicking over.

Their 2nd challenge was to refashion something with fabric paint! Molly added some shimmer to an otherwise plain top.

This month’s refashion challenge will either be a “flop” or they will “flip” for it!

YUP! you guessed it – FLIP FLOPS!!!

Circle of flip flops on grass.


If you have a Flip Flop refashion project or take this Challenge yourself – send us a photo and/or a link to your project! We’d love to feature you!

Stick around the rest of July for more SUMMER refashion tutorials!


DIY Shimmer Stripes Refashion

Molly took on my Refashion challenge this month by creating something using Fabric Paint. Refashions can be as simple as this one today!

diy bling top

She adds a bit of her personality with a few simple steps.


Tshirt/Top (with stripes)

Shimmer Fabric Paint – (we used white by Tulip from

Wax paper or cardboard or freezer paper (to put in between the layers)

Step 1: We chose a striped top and wanted to add some “umphf” to it but adding the same color paint to the stripe. Just Shimmery! Put the wax paper (or other material mentioned above) in between the t-shirt layers.

diy shimmer stripes refashion

Step 2: Add the white paint to the white stripes. She found it easiest to use her finger to control the paint on the knit fabric. She also chose to do every other white stripe so there was a hint of shimmer.

DIY shimmer refashion stripes

Step 3: Let the paint dry for about 1 hour (or the package instructions). Add a second coat as desired. She liked the look of a hint of shimmer and not too over powering.  We love this paint because it doesn’t require any heat setting and it’s the perfect combo of paint and glitter!

diy girls refashion

She can wear it as a swimsuit cover up or can wear it with shorts and a tee!

DIY girls stripes refashion

June Kids’ Challenge – Hannah’s Introduction

It’s a new month — and Hannah tells you what the challenge this month is for her and Molly, our tween contributors — and how you can join the fun, too!


Don’t forget to grab your kids and take the challenge with us! Send in your photos to be featured as well!

Summer Kids Challenge – June

It’s a new month so that means a new challenge for our tweenage contributors here at Refashion Files. What’s the challenge this month? Let Molly tell you! And don’t forget to grab your kids and take the challenge with us! Send in your photos to be featured as well!

June’s First Theme – Patriotic Refashions

Welcome to the month of June!

For the first half of June we’re featuring patriotic refashions! Break out the red, white and blue!

introducing patriotic projects - refashion files

And we’ll be introducing the new challenge for the month as well — so stay tuned!

If you have any red, white and blue refashions (or red, white, or blue, as long as they’re patriotic), let us know! We’d love to feature you!

Hannah’s Challenge Project: Men’s Ties to Fabric Flowers [Video Tutorial]

Hi! It’s Hannah here, and for this month’s theme of men’s refashions, I made fabric flowers from men’s ties!

flowers made out of refashioned ties

They’re super easy to do, and patterns that don’t seem to look very good on a man’s tie can make a super cute fabric flower accessory. I show you how I made them in the video below, and they’re easy to do.


flower accessories from refashioned ties

See my video tutorial below to see how I did it.

[Read more…]

Hannah Introduces the May 2013 Theme: Men’s Refashions!

Are you up for the challenge? Hannah is (and so is Molly). Hannah explains in this video.

The dog is also enthusiastic. Perhaps there was peanut butter on one of the thrift shop ties?

Anyway, why don’t you join in? Send photos and links to us here — we’d love to feature you!

Refashion Challenge – Men’s TIES!

Calling all Refashioners! Would you like to take on a little challenge? Or how about giving the same challenge to your daughter, niece, etc? I gave a Refashion Challenge to my daughter and this is how she reacted!

We’d love to see your photos of your projects and give you a shoutout HERE! Submit your pictures to us! We’d love to see!

Coming tomorrow – tutorials using menswear items that are chic, chic CHIC!! 

Introducing our May 2013 Theme: Men’s Refashions!

We’re excited to announce the May theme for Refashion Files: Men’s Refashions. We’ve looked at women’s and children’s clothes — and we’ve looked at home refashions. But we haven’t looked at refashions for men, and that’s just not fair :).


And this month we’re excited to involve our daughters! We’ll be sharing videos of them starting their May challenges this week.

Do you have any great men’s refashion projects you can share! Let us know — you could be featured!

Looking forward to a great May!