Upcycled Hoodies!



These upcycled hoodies are amazing! Update last year’s hoodies with these great embellishment ideas. (Tip: Click the “tutorial for upcycled hoodies” link in the article to go directly to a step-by-step downloadable doc!) Imagine all of the possibilities!

Inspiration Workshop No. 3 – Green at Brooch the Subject

Kids DIY Ransom Note Sweatshirt

kids sweatshirt refashion

I love how this sweatshirt turned out! A plain ordinary jacket gets a twist with a “ransom note” name refashion! Have fun playing around with this technique and idea!

DIY Ransom Note Sweatshirt Refashion from Infarrantly Creative

Tshirt to Jacket Refashion

tshirt to jacket refashion

Jackets, hoodies and pullovers are always an essential part of the Fall wardrobe. Especially in those transition days where you aren’t sure if it’s going to be hot or cold. Give your kids the comfort of a TEE but refashioned into a hoodie or pullover!

Tshirt to Jacket Refashion from I am Momma Hear me Roar

14 Ways to Refashion a Coat

Last year I was on a quest to refashion coats. I ended up making over a few coats in different ways.

Here are 14 ways to Refashion an old coat. Take one of your out-dated coats and make it over OR head over to your local thrift store and pick up an old coat to update this Winter!

DIY Studded Trench Coat — No Sew!

Meredith hit upon an easy way to make an on-trend studded trench coat … with easy, DIY studs! She tells you what supplies you’ll need (minimal), how long it took (not long), and what to expect!

 DIY Studded Trench at Meredith & Gwyneth, The New Yorkie

Dye Denim For A New Look!

Meredith knows that after Labor Day it’s time to put the white denim away … or is it? She shows you some great ways to make denim new again with a simple dye job — check it out!

Dye Job: DIY Colored Denim at Meredith & Gwyneth, The New Yorkie

Make a Pretty Jacket From a Fleece Pullover

sweet spring jacket refashion

This spring jacket makeover is also perfect for going into fall, don’t you think? I’m not one of those people that believes in no white after Labor Day. I love white especially in the fall and winter! Amy made this jacket from a old fleece pullover, and the ruffles and belt around the middle are so cute. Those green buttons just make the coat. See how she did it below!

The Embellished Five: Fleece Pullover Edition at Positively Splendid

Refashion a Vintage Wool Coat Into Today’s Hotness (Warmness?)

Melissa tells the story of scoring an $8 wool coat during a thrifting excursion — and how she had to change her vision a few times as she refashioned it into a style that’s today’s hotness (for Winter warmness). Check out the flirty length (and the cutoff length used to make those awesome cuffs).


Sweatshirt to Sweet Jacket

refashioned sweatshirt to jacket

I’ve seen a lot of lifeless sweatshirts at the Goodwill, and I’m always wondering what I can do with them. I never thought of a cute little jacket! There are so many things we love about this little coat – the collar, the trim . . . the flower accent. The buttons! Next time you are at the Goodwill and spot a sweatshirt that looks frumpy, don’t pass it by! You can turn it into this.

Sweatshirt Turned Jacket at Made it on Monday