flower shoe Refashion

shoe refashion

I must admit that I think girls young and old would LOVE a shoe refashion like this! A plain pair of shoes can be fabulous with a little fabric and some glue!

Flower Shoe REfashion from Grosgrain Fabulous

Summer Sandal Refashion!



We love summer sandals … and there’s nothing better than refashioning them into something fantastic. This great how-to tutorial shows you how to customize plain sandals to fit your taste … and wardrobe!

Summer Sandal Refashion at Thirty Handmade Days (by Bev at Flamingo Toes)

How To Make Leg Warmers or Boot Socks

Lex has a great idea on how to make Leg Warmers or Boot Socks: it’s an awesome idea on using sweater sleeves as the base socks. And it’s even more stylish with the designs and accessories she put on … love it!

How to make Leg Warmers or Boot Socks at Madebylex

How to Make Baby Leg Warmers

Jenn has a great tutorial on how to make baby leg warmers—she uses a regular women’s knee socks and does her quick and easy to follow guide to turn it into a baby leg warmer! What a great idea and a perfect result! you’ll have a baby leg warmer in less than a minute!


Refashion a $1 Pair of Child’s Dress Shoes

refashion a $1 pair of child's dress shoes

Sometimes refashioning a pair of shoes is as simple as painting them. That is exactly what Sandra did, and she turned a plain pair of white dress shoes into stylish, bling worthy kicks! She got these for $1 which makes it even better. Visit her to see how she did it.

Cream and Gold Toddler Shoes Refashion at The How-To Gal

Summer Sandal Refashion

Our friend Bev is so talented. She seems something that she’s inspired by and she makes it – and it’s always just as awesome, if not better, than the inspiration! The best part about these sandals is that her refashion isn’t permanent, so you can change up the look as your tastes and the color of your wardrobe changes. Visit Bev to see her inspiration and how she did it!

Summer Sandal Refashion at Flamingo Toes

Turn Plain Flats Into Patterned, Ruffled, Fabulous Flats!

Kathleen gives you detailed directions for turning plain, black flats into fabulous, ruffled ones! You’ll need some fabric to cover your shoes and fabric for the ruffles, and a few other supplies — but you can make your flats as fabulous and colorful as you like! Check out her step-by-step directions.

Shoe Redo: Red Ruffle Flat at Grosgrain Fabulous

Glamourize Your Flip-Flops With Beads

Ashley’s flip-flop refashion is a stunner — I just love the sparkle and glamour it brings to a basic pair of black flip flops. As Ashley described, adding fabric and beads does “fancy-up” a basic pair of flip-flops — and she shows you how!

Flip-Flop Refashion: Part 2 (Fabric Straps with Beads) at Make It and Love It

20-Minute Flip-Flop Refashion!

This is a great and fast way to dress up your flip-flops! I did this with my girls a couple of years ago and we loved the dressy whimsy the fabric rosettes brought to our flip flops. Check out how I did it.

20-Minute Flip Flop Project at Tatertots and Jello

Flip Flop Refashion — with Duct Tape!

Refashioning flip-flops, sure, but with duct tape? Absolutely! Check out these super cute flowery flip-flops Bambi made — she shows you how!

Duck Tape Flip Flop Tutorial at In The Nursery Of The Nation