DIY Faux necklace tank top

faux necklace diy tank top


Girls of all ages can sport some 4th of July “bling” with this faux technique! Plus ruffles and appliques for a unique look!

DIY Faux Necklace top – A Couple of Craft Addicts

Napkin Rings to Color Block Necklace!


Lauren discovered cool, geometric napkin rings at her local thrift store and made something unexpected and awesome: this bold, colorblocked necklace. Learn how she did it and get inspired to make your own!

Colorblocked Wooden Baubles at Pearls Poppies Pinkies Up

Turn Napkin Rings Into a Bracelet

Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t want to turn napkin rings into bracelets – but that is because most napkin rings aren’t as cool as the ones that Sarah found! She turned green, beaded ones from World Market into bracelets like the one you see above. Cool huh? Visit her to learn how she did it and see yet another necklace refashion.

Upcycled & Repurposed Jewelry at Sarah Ortega

Upcycle Your Jewelry!


You just hate to let jewelry you once loved shift to the back of the drawer, forgotten. Sarah knows that , and she shows you some great ways to repurpose and upcycle older jewelry into something fresh and new (and even how to make felt rosettes like the one in the picture)! Check out her great ideas.

diy {upcycled & repurposed jewelry} at Sarah Ortega

Old Necklace Gets Pastel Makeover

pastel necklace makeover

My new policy is not to be afraid of pastels. After seeing this necklace, I decided that a fear of pastels is ridiculous, because look at how lovely they are! The original necklace reminds me of Halloween with that vibrant purple, but the resulting design is pretty and completely summer. You can do this on a budget and in a matter of minutes!

Pastel Makeover at Mrs. Ferguson

Make a Jersey Necklace From a T-Shirt!!

This is a standout refashion idea — it’s not just making clothes different — or making one kind of clothes into another kind of clothes. It’s making jewelry from clothes. And they’re fun, easy to do, you can make them in any color you like — and Melissa shows you how to do it. Plus — washable jewelry!

T-Shirt Refashion: Jersey Necklace at I Still Love You

Cool Child’s Watch Refashion

Child's watch refashion

There is something so special about a mom passing down a treasured item to her child. But sometimes those treasured items are a little worse for wear, and need a little TLC before being handed down! This watch was given a new band before given to the little one, and the tutorial is easy to follow – you could do it too. So get that old jewelry out of the jewelry box and start fixing it up!

Mickey Mouse Tick Tock at Cotton and Curls