Custom DIY Tom’s shoes

toms refashion

Refashion isn’t always about just making it unique – sometimes out of necessity a great project is born! See why these got refashioned and get the low down on how you can recreate the process!

Custom DIY Tom’s Refashion from Under the Sycamore

Kids Shoe Refashion

kids summer refashion shoes

A refashion gets one step better when you can get your kids involved too! This creative mom helps her kids add a personal touch to their summer shoes!

Kids Summer Shoes Refashion from B-Inspired MAMA

DIY Sandals for Summer

DIY sandal refashion

What’s better than 1 sandal DIY refashion? How about 10!? 🙂 Snag (or pin) 10 different ways to add some umphf to your Summer sandals!

10 DIY Summer Sandal refashions on Babble

Refashion a $1 Pair of Child’s Dress Shoes

refashion a $1 pair of child's dress shoes

Sometimes refashioning a pair of shoes is as simple as painting them. That is exactly what Sandra did, and she turned a plain pair of white dress shoes into stylish, bling worthy kicks! She got these for $1 which makes it even better. Visit her to see how she did it.

Cream and Gold Toddler Shoes Refashion at The How-To Gal

Make Rainbow Glitter Shoes!

In honor of our Rainbow Challenge this month, here’s an awesome DIY refashion. Maya in the Moment took a pair of brown sandals and painted them. Plus she added glitter and Tulips Beads in a Bottle to look like studs. The result is a happy pair of shoes that surely attracts smiles! Find out more about how to make these shoes at the I Love To Create Blog.

And be sure to link up to our Rainbow Challenge. You can link up right now and enter to win $70 of awesome products from I Love To Create!!

Upcycle and Glitterify Girls’ Cowboy Boots!

Kiki made the most adorable outfit for her daughter (check out the chevron top at the site!) — and her idea for glitterifying (I officially pronounce that a real word) boots is a great one. Check out her post to learn how she did it, but with a bit of Mod Podge and some glitter she turned these cowboy boots into something magical!

Whimsically Wishing {Project Run and Play Finale} at Kiki & Company