DIY Ribbon Denim Skirt

ribbon skirt refashion


I know lots of little girls who would LOVE to wear such a fun colorful skirt! Go for the rainbow effect, make the colors holiday themed or even a after the family’s favorite sport team!

DIY Ribbon Skirt Refashion from Delicate Construction

Thrifted Dress to Summer Maxi Skirt!


We love this project! Beth found a thrift store dress with a disastrous cut but a cute fabric and reworked it into this light and summery maxi skirt. She shows you just what she did — and you can do the same!

DIY Summer Maxi Skirt Refashion Tutorial at The Renegade Seamstress

Casual Skirt from Baggy Sweatpants

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 1.21.30 AM


Admit it; we all have a baggy pair of sweatpants around the house that are too big! But Audie shows you how to turn those castoffs into a casual skirt that’s perfect for warm-weather lounging. It takes a few steps, but when you’re done you’ll have a cute and comfy skirt — complete with pockets! Since it’s at Instructables, you can expect a detailed, photo-illustrated step-by-step guide!

Refashion Sweatpants into a Cute Skirt at Instructables.

Dress to Skirt Refashion

dress to skirt refashion

Summer and skirts go hand in hand! And if you can see other clothing pieces with potential to create skirts from then this project is perfect for you! From a dress to skirt that is flirty and light! perfect for summer!

DIY Dress to skirt Refashion from Domestic Bliss Squared


T-Shirts to Summer Skirt!


Heather and daughter Hales hit on the perfect combination of style and modesty with this awesome skirt refashion. It takes a couple of  t-shirts and a sewing machine (check out Heather’s awesome machine) … but it’s a pretty easy project! Check out their step-by-step how-to!

Shirt to Skirt | T-shirt Refashion at Whipperberry

Easy Red White and Blue Skirt

red white and blue skirt


When summer rolls around, there’s nothing better than comfy. Well, I love comfy all through the year, but especially when it’s warm! I love Jen’s easy-to-make skirt instructions — and the red, white and blue fabric is perfect for patriotic get-togethers. Check out her comfy skirt and easy how-to steps.

Easiest skirt ever, with a bit of bubble at The Crafting Fiend

30 ways to refashion shirts

30 ways to refashion a mens top


What’s better than 1 great? How about 30 of them all in 1 spot! From full refashions to ones using smaller pieces like this collar/bowtie necklace!

30 ways to refashion shirts on Crooked Brains

Refashioned dress

refashioned dress


A whole refashioned ensemble! This is a knockoff that gives you the instructions for the skirt and the ruffled top. Get creative and bust that refashioned stash pile with this tutorial!

Refashioned dress from So you think you’re crafty!

High-Waisted, Anthro-Inspired Skirt from Men’s Dress Shirt!

high waist anthro inspired skirt

You know, men’s dress shirts are a treasure trove of refashion materials. They come in a wide variety of materials … and depending on the size, involve enough fabric to actually refashion something! Suzannah found a thick chambray shirt at Goodwill and made it into this fabulous, high-waisted , springy skirt! Check out all of the details, how to and tips at …

One of the greatest men’s shirt makeovers ever–tutorial! at Adventures in Dressmaking

DIY Scalloped Hem Skirt

Who doesn’t love polka dots? You’ll definitely love what Aimee did on her scalloped hem skirt. It’s a fun idea and easy to try — and will work for adults and kids!