Zebra Scarf Sweater

This “zebra” black and white-striped scarf gives a nice contrast to the red sweater — and is great inspiration for updating your plain sweater.

Check out this full tutorial at Tatertots and Jello (one of our favorite sites for obvious reasons).

More sweaters coming soon!

Plain to Striped, Embellished Cardigan

This is such a fun way to prep up a plain sweater! I love the frog closures on this. The way she used the faux undershirt to add more embellishment is brilliant!

Check out the full tutorial at Grosgrain.

Check in with us for more sweater refashions this month!

Plain White Sweater to Anthro-inspired Ruffled Cardi

I love how she just used a t-shirt for the ruffles! The alternating ribbed and smooth ruffles add texture and interest.

Check out the full tutorial at Welcome to the gOOD life!

We are doing more sweater refashion this month so keep checking in!

Scrunched Sweater Refashion

How darling is this!? I love how Bethany scrunched the sweater up a bit!

Check out the full tutorial at Lil’ Bit & Nan by Bethany.

Check in more to see more tutorials on how to refashion sweater.

Scarf Sweater Refashion

This is so cute! I still wear this, and it’s so easy to make! Just get a cute scarf and voila!


Be sure to check the full tutorial at Tatertots & Jello!


Laced Sweater Refashion

This is such a fun way to prep up a sweater if it’s too boring! Go from bla to fab! I really loved the flower on it!

Check out Lauren’s full tutorial at Adventures of Lauren!

Keep checking in at Refashion Files for more sweater ideas!

Plain Sweater to Collared Sweater Refashion

Erica shows us how to prep up a simple sweater by just adding lining and a collar!

Be sure to check out the full tutorial at Erica Makes Stuff!

Check in with us some more this month we still have a lot more sweater refashions!

Sweater + T-shirt = Ruffly Sweater Refashion

This is such a great idea! Sarah shows us how to use a simple T-shirt and a plain sweater to make a super cute Ruffly Sweater!

Be sure to check out the whole tutorial at Sweet Pea & JoJo!

Check in with us this month- we’ll have more sweater refashions on the way!

One of a Kind Stenciled Sweater Refashion

Do you have a sweater that is just too plain? Well Beverly has a solution! She took a plain sweater and used fabric paint to create a stencil, along with fabric flowers to create a memorable sweater.

Be sure to check out the full tutorial on how to make the Swirly Sweater Refashion at Flamingo Toes!

Be sure to check back in with us because, we will be featuring a whole month of sweater refashions-perfect for Winter!

Lightweight Sweater to Summer/Fall Cardigan!

Jen (not me, a different Jen!) found a lightweight sweater thrifting … and figured out how to make it into a cute summer (or Fall!) cardigan. She shows you exactly how you can do it, too, with step-by-step directions. Check it out!

(refashion) Summer Cardi at iCandy Handmade