Pretty Polka Dot Blouse From Man’s Shirt

men's shirt refashion

If you’ll always wondered how to take a man’s work shirt and turn it into a cute blouse, I’ve found the perfect tutorial for you. It’s very detailed, including the pleats (which I feel would be the hardest part of this garment). If you are ready for a challenge that results in an awesome top, take a peek at the tutorial below.

Men’s to Women’s Dress Shirt Refashion at Made By Me & Shared With You

Basket Weave a Shirt

basket weaving shirt refashion

I have been obsessed with this shirt since I first saw it. From the front, plain t-shirt – but from the back – amazing basket weave! Um, me want basket weave shirt! I actually spotted it on Pinterest and thought it would be difficult, but then clicked through and realized that it wasn’t so hard after all. I could do this with short sleeve as well! I think I’ve found my next refashion project.

Basket Weaving Old T-shirts at Trash to Couture

Refashion a Shirt Into a Vest

Dip-dyeing is huge in fashion right now – but what if you find a dip-dyed shirt at the thrift store that isn’t “quite” what you had in mind? That is exactly what happened to Kasey, so she turned the dip-dyed shirt into a fashionable vest. It’s fun, funky and would look fabulous with a white t-shirt. Goodbye to the rhinestone trim and hello to a unique clothing piece!

Refashion Shirt Into Vest at My Life on the Divide

How to Make a Thrifted Shirt Fit Correctly

refashioning a thrift store blouse

I wish that I could better see the potential of a blouse at the thrift store. Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home did this guest post for Cheri, and look at the transformation! I never would have guessed that the shirt on the right came from the one on the left – brilliant! Visit the post to see more images (it looks totally sassy with a belt!) and get the full tutorial.

Refashionista at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar