DIY Mermaid Tail Towel

mermaid diy towel


My daughter would LOVE to have this! There are lots of creative things you can do with towels but I am in love with this magical option! Create a mermaid tail and keep the fun of the “water” going!

DIY Mermaid Tail Towel from Stitch to my Lou

DIY Beach Towel Bag

diy beach towel bag


Towel bags can be the best for a day at the lake or the beach! Have you ever refashioned a towel into a bag or something else useful? You probably have a few in your linen closet that could be whipped up into one of these!

DIY Beach Towel Bag from Martha Stewart

DIY Pocketed Beach Towel

diy beach towel martha stewart


Oh how I love smart design and refashion! Leave it to Martha Stewart to create a SMART beach towel – pockets!!! it keeps track of all the little things without getting scattered or lost in the sand. Love it! This needs to go on your must do list this Summer!

DIY Beach towel with Pockets from Martha Stewart