Plain Bracelets to Red, White and Blue!



I love Alexis’ simple yet stylish Independence Day idea — starting with simple white twine bracelets and dipping alternate sides in dye. You could even use marker in a pinch! You can try your own variation of this — and get inspired by her red and blue variations, too!

Red, DYE and Blue…Patriotic Bracelets at Jacolyn Murphy

Cheap Bangles to Colorful Yarn-Wrapped Bracelets



What to do with those cheap bangles from the dollar store, dollar section or thrift shop? You can make them match any outfit, experiment with accent colors, or, really, try any color you have yarn for! You’ll just need the bangles, yarn and a hot glue gun to turn cheap, dull bangles into fab bracelets. Check it out:

Take 4: Cozy Bangle Makeover at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr and Me