Summer Top from Old Cardigan!



We’ve all got a cardigan somewhere that’s just not quite right … but it’s so comfy we hate to part with it. Here’s an awesome way to refashion it — in under 30 minutes with your sewing machine. Check out Agy’s easy how-to!

Another Refashion – Upcycle Your Cardigan! at Green Issues by Agy

Summer Cardigan from Sweater!

summer cardi

I love this sweater refashion! This cardi is so cute with the shorter sleeves, and Jen’s step-by-step picture tutorial makes it easy for you to refresh and refashion one of your cardigans into a summer staple!

(refashion) Summer Cardi at iCandy Handmade

Lightweight Sweater to Summer/Fall Cardigan!

Jen (not me, a different Jen!) found a lightweight sweater thrifting … and figured out how to make it into a cute summer (or Fall!) cardigan. She shows you exactly how you can do it, too, with step-by-step directions. Check it out!

(refashion) Summer Cardi at iCandy Handmade

Refashion Inspiration: Add Doily Pockets to a Cardigan!

Ready to brighten up a cardigan? Take inspiration from this Japanese catalog and simply sew doilies on as pockets! Check out more pictures and get inspired at the site.

Cawaii: It Goes In Happy Summer at Rakuten

Dress Up A Plain Top Into A Banded Cardigan!

Kate cleaned out her closet and found a top that made an awkward shirt … but would make an amazing cardigan … with cute neon banding! Check out how she did it and get to work on your own refashion.

Neon Banded Cardigan at See Kate Sew

Create A Little Girl’s Cardigan from a T-Shirt

This little girls’ cardigan is adorable, and as the creator Kalleen put it, it’s a perfect light sweater to take summer clothes into the fall! Kalleen did an amazing job refashioning a long-sleeve t-shirt into this cute cardigan. We love it because it looks surprisingly easy to do — and it opens up a range of colors for cute cardis, since it’s always easier to find more colors in t-shirts than in sweaters!

T-Shirt Cardigan at At Second Street