Girl’s Skirt From a Dress

refashioned dress to skirt

I remember what it was like to be a child and not to fit into clothes. I felt like some sort of jolly green giant when my mom would have me try on summer clothes from the year before and I didn’t fit into them. I grew quickly! If you have a child like me, and a dress like Nike that doesn’t fit anymore, then how about making a skirt from it? Visit Nike to get the full tutorial.

The Outgrown Dress at Thrive

Turn a Boy’s Wardrobe Into Girl’s Clothing

refashioned cardigan and skirt

Boys grow so quickly don’t they? Sometimes they grow so quickly that they’ve barely worn something before you have to get rid of it. But these tutorials from Nike are so great because they demonstrate that you don’t really have to – just refashion! Nike turned a sweater into a cardigan, pants into a skirt and a henley into a pretty tee. The twist? The refashions turned everything into girl’s clothing. You’re going to love what she did; visit her blog to see more pictures and how she did it.

BOYS hand-me-downs refashioned to make GIRLS outfits at Thrive

Rescue An Old Striped Shirt

If you ask me “Amy, should a striped shirt ever been given to the Goodwill?” you’ll get a quick answer. No – you should always refashion it! Jenn did just that and selected a nautical theme with her fun, bright red anchor that she attached to the front of the stripey shirt. The red edging on the neckline and armholes just makes it. Don’t you think?

Shirt Rescue at A Jennuine Life