$12 Easy Ruched Tree Skirt


I love how Jackie calls this “a ball gown for your Christmas tree!” It’s easy to sew from an inexpensive tablecloth — and it’s so elegant!

DIY Ruched Tree Skirt for $12 at Teal & Lime

Easy Scalloped Tree Skirt!


Check out this super simple — and super elegant — scalloped tree skirt. It’s easy to make — full directions.

Scalloped Felt Tree Skirt at Martha Stewart

Amazing No-Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt!


Chantal took inexpensive (and leftover) burlap strips to make this amazing ruffled Christmas tree skirt — and best of all it’s no-sew! Give it a try: she explains how.

Ruffle Tree Skirt at Done Over Decor