Onesie to DRESS Refashion

onesie to dress refashion 2


Oh! If only I still had a “little” girl I would so be doing this tutorial! There are lots of darling onesies out there that they grow out of quickly! Extend their life (and their cuteness) by making them into a dress!

ONesie to girls DRESS refashion from Dana Made it

Tank top to dress Refashion

tank to dress refashion


Perfect dress for Summer! A tank top and a little fabric and you too can have a high waisted dress that’s comfortable and chic!

Tank top to Dress Refashion from Talk 2 Trees

DIY Striped Dress Refashion

diy striped dress

Sometimes the clothes we have just need a little “umph” or help. This dress in her closet from the nineties totally gets brought into trend with a little shave here and there from the sewing machine! Love that it’s knit too and that makes it comfy to wear!

DIY striped dress refashion from Cotton & Curls

Dress from button down top

refashioned dress 2


Grandpas night shirt becomes a great Spring dress for this woman. It turned out super cute! So grab some extra oversized tops and get sewing!

Dress from Button down top on Dee*construction

Game Day Dresses From T-Shirts

Is there a team that you root for? I’m a proud University of of Washington Husky, and I’d love to have a dress to show my loyalty. These game day dresses are darling, and you can make one in a halter or tube top style. It’s all about adding jersey knit to the bottom. Learn more below!

Game Day Dresses at Devon Alana Design

Cute Sundress From a Man’s Shirt

refashion a shirt into a sundress

I must admit, every time I go to the Goodwill it looks as though a truck of men’s shirts just arrived – when in fact, there are just that many there ALL the time. Don’t be afraid to pick one up and turn it into a dress! It’s not as hard as it looks. The dress that Carly made looks challenging, but if you read through the instructions and follow them to a tee, you’ll be good to go. Does anyone else love the ruffle on the front of her dress as much as I do?

Men’s Shirt to Cute Summer Dress at Chic Steals

Turn a Pleated Skirt into a Gorgeous Dress

Sarah at Welcome to the Good Life was rummaging around in her mother’s closet and found a pleated skirt. And the genius part is Sarah turned it into an amazing dress based on a $740 one dress she loved from — Burberry!!

AND, she won a design contest at Shabby Apple for this idea. Congratulations Sarah!!

Check out the amazing tutorial at Welcome to the Good Life!

DIY Maxi Skirt

diy maxi skirt

We are loving maxi dresses right now – and who doesn’t? They are so comfortable! So comfortable, in fact, that you can make them out of t-shirts. That is exactly what Meg did, and the result is perfectly striped and fun for summer. Get the full tutorial so that you can make your own at her blog.

DIY Maxi Skirt at Brassy Apple