Hannah’s Challenge Project: Men’s Ties to Fabric Flowers [Video Tutorial]

Hi! It’s Hannah here, and for this month’s theme of men’s refashions, I made fabric flowers from men’s ties!

flowers made out of refashioned ties

They’re super easy to do, and patterns that don’t seem to look very good on a man’s tie can make a super cute fabric flower accessory. I show you how I made them in the video below, and they’re easy to do.


flower accessories from refashioned ties

See my video tutorial below to see how I did it.

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Make Fabric Flowers from Old T-Shirts!




Does your husband have a lot of old t-shirts he won’t part with … but could be great colors for some home decor? Jennifer’s does, and she shows you how to make fabric flowers from those old tees — and use them as accents on throw pillows, or anything you can imagine!

How to Make Fabric Flowers from Old T-Shirts
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Create a Flower Bouquet Keepsake From Your Child’s Favorite T-Shirts!

When kids outgrow t-shirts it can be hard to want to get rid of them! But Heather came up with a brilliant idea for turning them into a cotton flower bouquet keepsake! Check out the link for her summary and detailed instructions!

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