Add Contrasting Print Fabric to a Chunky Knit Sweater

This is such a fun way to make a sweater more colorful. And it’s Anthropologie-inspired! Try adding fabric in a contrasting print to a chunky knit: the patterns and textures both contrast and make it a head-turner.

Tan floral sweater refashion

Check out how she did this at Grosgrain!

Add Heart-Shaped Elbow Patches to a Sweater

Perfect for Valentines Day! But you could use this shape year-round — or just use it for inspiration to create your own shaped elbow patch embellishments.

Elbow Patch Sweater Refashion

Check out how to make this at abeautifulmess!

Coming soon: refashioned accessories!

V-Neck Sweater to Cardigan

One of my favorite parts of this refashion is the floral trim: it adds such a feminine touch!

Sweater to Cardigan Refashion

Check the full tutorial out at Feather’s Flights!

More sweater refashions coming your way!

Floral Trim Sweater

I love this idea — adding a contrasting border. But the floral print takes it to a new level entirely. You might try experimenting with other patterns — be bold!


Check out the full tutorial at Pins and Needles!

Check back in because we have more refashioned sweaters coming your way.