Girls’ Dress from Men’s Pajamas!

green girls dress

Dana’s amazing, and that’s why this is the second feature of her awesome refashions this week! As she says, based on her Shirt Dress Tutorial, and inspired by this cute tutorial at Freshly Picked, she made this super cute girls dress from a men’s pajama top. Of course, you don’t have to choose green — use any color you like, and you can make it longer, too, if you like!

Green Dress at Dana Made It

Men’s Shirt to Toddler Dress Refashion

men's shirt to toddler dress refashion

What do you do when you have a man’s shirt but are in need of a toddler dress? Of course you refashion it! I love the little accents with the patch, the yellow buttons and the tie in the back. It’s even more darling seeing the toddler wearing it, so visit the post below to see more pictures.

Men’s Shirt to Toddler Dress at luvinthemommyhood

Work Shirt to School Dress

dress shirt to school dress refashion

There comes a time when, like people, all good work shirts must be retired. For some of us we want that retirement at age 35, ha! Don’t necessarily through those retired work shirts into the giveaway pile, because you can make them into dresses, just like Stef did. The shirring and the bows make it, don’t you think? Visit Stef for the tutorial.

His Work Shirt to Her School Dress at Girl Inspired

A Girls’ Dress From Three Shirts

refashioned girls' dress

Can you believe how sweet this jersey dress is? Pam refashioned three t-shirts into a little girl’s dress, and there are so many cute details. The panels in the skirt are so cute – and who doesn’t love a little flower at the waist! I love this idea, and it would be fun to make another sassy version out of t-shirts with print on them.

Project Recycle – Week 3 at Threading My Way

Baby Dress From Polka Dot Polo

refashioned shirt to baby dress

I have a very similar shirt to this (from my very favorite store “Tar-jay”), so it immediately caught my eye. Turns out this fancy green polo also makes a sweet polo dress for a baby. If you know me from Mod Podge Rocks, you know that I love stripes and polka dots . . . so  you know that I love this dress. Dana is so great at refashion so I suggest you pop over and see her tutorial immediately.

Little Green Dress at MADE

Little Girls’ Shirt Dress

Girls' dress refashion

I tried shirring (sewing with elastic thread) one time on my little Kenmore Mini Ultra sewing machine, and it was a bust. The poor little machine just couldn’t handle it! But I could tell that if it had worked, it would have been cool. And this little dress made from a man’s shirt solidifies that. It’s so darling, and perfect for summer, which is close around the corner. The tutorial is easy to follow, and if you’ve never tried shirring, it’s easier than it looks (just use the right machine!).

Shirred Shirt Dress at Homemade Lovely