Cute Girls’ Dress from T-Shirts!



This is a fun idea for creating your own girls’ dresses — from two inexpensive t-shirts! Steph added these cute hearts to the front, but you could add any embellishment you like — or none! Check out her awesome directions — and try it  yourself!

Craft Tutorial: Refashion Two T Shirts into a Girls Dress at The Silly Pearl

Girls’ Dress from Thrift Store Skirt


Ashley’s  15-minute refashion project is brilliant! It’s always hard to find dresses that are just the right length for a growing little girl, and this thrift-store skirt refashion does the trick. She shows you exactly how to make it — it’s easy — and also offers tips for choosing the best kind of dress to refashion!

The 15 MINUTE “Thrift Store Skirt” to “Girl’s Dress” Refashion at Make It & Love It

DIY Kids Sweater dress Refashion



It’s hard to believe that this was a VEST!!!! See the before, after and get the low down on how to create it! SO simple yet makes a statement!

DIY Kids Sweater Dress from

Girls’ Summer Dress Set from Women’s Dress!

heading[1]Pam’s summer dress for girls is an amazing refashion! Not only is it cute, but it includes accessories. Check out how she made this cute dress from a woman’s dress — and then repurposed an old shirt to help with the accessories and sash!

Dress Refashion at Threading My Way


Girls Dress Refashion

girls dress refashion

This cute girls toddler dress has been refashioned from……? Can you guess? A woman’s maternity top! Love the “dreamy-ness” of the color and fabric. And what a great use for it once Mom is done with it!

Girls Dress Refashion from Cook Clean Craft

Maxi Dress from T-Shirt and Voile!


Oh! How we love Melissa’s maxi dress for her little girl! It’s perfectly summery, and an easy sewing project (she shows you how). And while you’re there, don’t miss her other t-shirt maxi dress refashion!

Tutorial: Summer Maxi Dress, t-shirt refashion at Polka Dot Chair

Girls’ Dress from Men’s Pajamas!

green girls dress

Dana’s amazing, and that’s why this is the second feature of her awesome refashions this week! As she says, based on her Shirt Dress Tutorial, and inspired by this cute tutorial at Freshly Picked, she made this super cute girls dress from a men’s pajama top. Of course, you don’t have to choose green — use any color you like, and you can make it longer, too, if you like!

Green Dress at Dana Made It

Seaside Girls’ Dress from Men’s Shirt!

seaside dress


Dana rescued a striped shirt from the recesses of her husband’s closet — and turned it into this adorable girls’ dress. She shows you just how to do it, and it’s easier than you think it might be. The yellow waistband is the perfect accent!

Seaside Stripes and Shirt Dress Tutorial at Dana Made It

Men’s Shirt to Girl’s Dress (Shirt Jumper!)

shirt jumper


This is a super-cute, step-by-step tutorial by Lex: she shows you how to make this cute girl’s jumper! Made from a men’s shirt, it could be a jumper or a dress for younger girls.
The Shirt Jumper- Men’s Shirt to Girl’s Dress Refashion Tutorial at Made by Lex

2 shirts become a DRESS



1 Man Shirts and 1 Woman’s blouse become a darling girls DRESS! See how this project combines fun details from both. I love the layering this did!

Shirt Dress from Threading my Way