Turn a Candy Bag into A Trick-Or-Treat Bag

Wait!! Don’ throw those plastic candy bags away! Turn them into cool Trick-or-Treat bags! I love the graphic look of these bags. And for almost free, what a great idea.

Be sure to check out the full tutorial at Choose To Thrive for the instructions!!

Turn a Sweatshirt into an Elephant Costume!

Did you see the fun and easy costumes we featured last week? Here is another great one. Jess from If Only They Would Nap shared how to take a grey sweatshirt and turn it into a whimsical elephant costume.

Find out how to make this refashioned costume at The Train to Crazy!

Make A Girls’ Rapunzel Costume from a Women’s Dress!

It’s almost Halloween, so we thought it might be fun to spotlight some great refashion costume ideas!


Carrie (who has an all-around brilliant site) took a women’s dress … and turned it into a fabulous, Disney-style Rapunzel costume. She tells you how she did it and even shares a link to how to make the yarn wig. It looks so much better than a store-bought costume — and is a thrifty refashion to boot!

Making Stuff: Rapunzel Costume {women’s dress refashion} at This Mama Makes Stuff