DIY Neon Flower Necklace

refashion a necklace

Are you trying to get in on the neon trend without spending a bunch of bucks? Me too! I particularly like neon jewelry, because it’s a small pop of bright color as opposed to a whole outfit (not my style). This necklace is just perfect for someone like me, looking for a bit of neon without too much commitment. So what kind of paint do you use to revamp a necklace? Nail paint! Yep, finger polish revamped this necklace. Visit the tutorial to find out how – and don’t forget to use a good sealer to prevent chipping.

DIY Flower Neon Necklace at Midafternoonlush

Old Necklace Gets Pastel Makeover

pastel necklace makeover

My new policy is not to be afraid of pastels. After seeing this necklace, I decided that a fear of pastels is ridiculous, because look at how lovely they are! The original necklace reminds me of Halloween with that vibrant purple, but the resulting design is pretty and completely summer. You can do this on a budget and in a matter of minutes!

Pastel Makeover at Mrs. Ferguson