Refashion kids pants to shorts

refashion kids pants to shorts

If you have kids then this is a great one to PIN! It’s one of my favorite refashions. It’s practical, its budget friendly and so useful! Snag those pants and transform them to shorts!

3 ways to refashion kids pants to shorts from Domestic Bliss Squared

Adult to Kids’ Pants Upcycle

adult to kids pants refashion

If you find a unique pair of women’s pants at Gap but they aren’t in the right size, what can you do with them? Why, turn them into a pair of children’s pants, of course! I love the stripes, tabs and waistband on these pants, and they are actually very whimsical looking and perfect for kids. If you have an existing pair of pants to use as a template, you’re good to go. Find out how to make these yourself below.

Adult-to-Kid Pants Refashion at This is Marzipan

From Adult Pants to Child’s Jumper

child's dress refashion

When I saw this little jumper I squealed because it was so cute. Then I looked a little deeper and realized that this used to be a pair of pants! Are you kidding? What an amazing transformation! I know that we all have a pair of pants that need a new life (I definitely do). If you have moderate to advanced sewing skills, check out this tutorial from Katy. The results are totally worth it.

Refashion Tutorial at No Big Dill