DIY Sandals for Summer

DIY sandal refashion

What’s better than 1 sandal DIY refashion? How about 10!? 🙂 Snag (or pin) 10 different ways to add some umphf to your Summer sandals!

10 DIY Summer Sandal refashions on Babble

DIY Cat Face Flats

cat flat refashionI’m more of a dog person that a cat person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a great cat craft. These shoes are so cute and I could definitely make them myself. Who doesn’t have an old pair of shoes laying around? As you can see, the artwork doesn’t have to be perfect, just a little whimsical and fun.

Cat Shoe DIY at Scathingly Brilliant

Adding Braided Straps to Flip Fops


I’m a little embarrassed about how much I wear flip flops. But, not embarrassed enough to stop apparently – because I wear them every. single. day. Even in the winter, my friends. So I can appreciate a good flip flop refashion, just like the one Ashley did. Not only do I love the braids but I love the color combination. It’s SO easy to do – visit the tutorial below.

Flip-Flop Refashion (Braided Straps) at Make It and Love It

Sand and Sea Shoe Refashion

sand and sea shoe refashion

When you find shoes at the Goodwill that you can actually do something with, it’s a huge score. I love that Rachel got these shoes and did an entire Anthropologie knock-off for under $10 – saving over $90! I actually prefer these over the original because they don’t have the heel. You’re going to love Rachel’s tutorial, so check it out.

Sand and Sea Shoes at Bubbly Nature Creations

Restyle Shoes By Adding Ribbon Laces

ribbon shoelace restyle

We all have that pair of shoes in the closet that isn’t quite doing it for us anymore. I’m never sure what to do with said pair of shoes except for donate them to a greater cause (aka the Goodwill). Turns out Samantha has a better idea – replace the laces! It’s easy and on a budget which means we love it. Visit Dollar Store Crafts for the tutorial.

Dollar Store Ribbon As Stylish Shoelaces at Dollar Store Crafts

Gray Makeover: Add Fabric to Sneakers

I love New Balance tennis shoes – they are the comfy-est things around! Some of the colors are a bit drab, however, so I love it that Barbara decided to spice them up with a bit of fabric. The tutorial requires you to make a pattern, but the rest is no-sew. Aren’t they cute?

New Balance Refashioned at Colle a roupa que chove