Girls’ Jeans to Shorts!

Little girls grow fast, and their cute jeans quickly become too short! Ros has a great solution for those too-short-but-they-still-fit jeans: turn them into cute shorts! She shows how to add the adorable waistband and edging … all while she’s in a Down Under winter and we’re enjoying summer in the northern hemisphere.

Shorts on the Line: Sew Delicious at Small + Friendly, feature from Sew Delicious

Jeans to SHORTS kids Refashion

jeans to shorts refashion kids


This is one of my favorite refashions to do for my kids! But this refashion gets “fancy” by adding the pop of color with the darling polka dotted fabric! Get more use out of jeans that are too short or have holes in the knees!

Kids DIY shorts from Jeans on Sew Delicious