DIY Kids Sweater dress Refashion



It’s hard to believe that this was a VEST!!!! See the before, after and get the low down on how to create it! SO simple yet makes a statement!

DIY Kids Sweater Dress from

Ruffled pant hems



Girls will go crazy for these! jeans and ruffles?! They will be excited! Add some fun, color, pattern and LENGTH if needed but adding ruffles! A refashion that will have the little girls squealing!

Ruffled pant hems on The Mother Huddle

Tshirt to Jacket Refashion

tshirt to jacket refashion

Jackets, hoodies and pullovers are always an essential part of the Fall wardrobe. Especially in those transition days where you aren’t sure if it’s going to be hot or cold. Give your kids the comfort of a TEE but refashioned into a hoodie or pullover!

Tshirt to Jacket Refashion from I am Momma Hear me Roar

Pants to TUNIC kids refashion

back to school girls refashion

This refashion is one of those that makes my jaw drop and take another look thinking, “no way!” Totally love it! From a pair of pants to this cute girls tunic! YES indeed!

Pants to Tunic Kids Refashion from At Second Street

Onesie to DRESS Refashion

onesie to dress refashion 2


Oh! If only I still had a “little” girl I would so be doing this tutorial! There are lots of darling onesies out there that they grow out of quickly! Extend their life (and their cuteness) by making them into a dress!

ONesie to girls DRESS refashion from Dana Made it

Girls Dress Refashion

girls dress refashion

This cute girls toddler dress has been refashioned from……? Can you guess? A woman’s maternity top! Love the “dreamy-ness” of the color and fabric. And what a great use for it once Mom is done with it!

Girls Dress Refashion from Cook Clean Craft

Refashion kids pants to shorts

refashion kids pants to shorts

If you have kids then this is a great one to PIN! It’s one of my favorite refashions. It’s practical, its budget friendly and so useful! Snag those pants and transform them to shorts!

3 ways to refashion kids pants to shorts from Domestic Bliss Squared

DIY Upcycled Children’s Clothes

refashioned girls dresses


From vintage tablecloths to pillowcases and more! Here’s a collection of 7 inspiring upcycled girls dresses! It will you have looking at some second hand items differently and seeing all the potential!

7 upcycled girls dresses from

DIY Chevron Striped Dress

DIY chevron girls dress


If you are going to sport the STRIPES why not throw in a little chevron too!!! This Refashion is a genius combination of 2 tshirts and a few cuts!

DIY girls Chevron Striped Dress from Grey Luster Girl

Brothers hand me downs refashioned for HER!

girls army tee refashion

Yes you read that right! Brothers hand me downs become refashioned for the little SIS! This post includes a few other tutorials too! You’ll be excited at what she’s created and you’ll be looking at the hand me downs differently!

Girls Refashioned Tee from Choose to Thrive