DIY girls Cat costume

diy cat costume


This costume gets refashioned from a hooded sweater vest!!! I love that it’s not your traditional black cat look! It’s a fun way to be different!

DIY girls Cat Costume from OakRose Mama

DIY girls Unicorn costume

diy unicorn costume


I LOVE costumes that use a hoodie or sweatsuit as the base and then gets refashioned into an awesome WARM costume for kids! To kick off this month of sharing DIY Refashioned Halloween costumes why not start off magical? This Unicorn will have you seeing the potential of a hoodie! more to come….

DIY Unicorn cosutme from Twin DragonFly Designs

Thrift Store Sweater to Sock Monkey Baby Costume

Have you ever been over to Grosgrain Fabulous? It’s an amazing blog full of fabulous DIY ideas and refashions. This might be my favorite yet!! A sock monkey costume from a thrift store sweater. So adorable!

Be sure to head over to Grosgrain Fabulous for the full tutorial!


Make A Girls’ Rapunzel Costume from a Women’s Dress!

It’s almost Halloween, so we thought it might be fun to spotlight some great refashion costume ideas!


Carrie (who has an all-around brilliant site) took a women’s dress … and turned it into a fabulous, Disney-style Rapunzel costume. She tells you how she did it and even shares a link to how to make the yarn wig. It looks so much better than a store-bought costume — and is a thrifty refashion to boot!

Making Stuff: Rapunzel Costume {women’s dress refashion} at This Mama Makes Stuff