DIY Minion Costume

diy minion costume


This is certainly to make a comeback this Halloween Season with the second movie this past Summer. And pretty easy right now that someone has broken it down and made it doable! I just might try to convince my boys to be matching Minions!

DIY Minion Costume from Coolest Homemade Costumes

Upcycled Astronaut Costume

diy astronaut costume


From a jumpsuit to an astronaut costume! How did she do that? With the help of some DUCT TAPE! A great refashion for boys this Halloween!

DIY Astronaut Costume from Stitch/Craft

Kids DIY Ransom Note Sweatshirt

kids sweatshirt refashion

I love how this sweatshirt turned out! A plain ordinary jacket gets a twist with a “ransom note” name refashion! Have fun playing around with this technique and idea!

DIY Ransom Note Sweatshirt Refashion from Infarrantly Creative

DIY Mermaid Tail Towel

mermaid diy towel


My daughter would LOVE to have this! There are lots of creative things you can do with towels but I am in love with this magical option! Create a mermaid tail and keep the fun of the “water” going!

DIY Mermaid Tail Towel from Stitch to my Lou

Jeans to SHORTS kids Refashion

jeans to shorts refashion kids


This is one of my favorite refashions to do for my kids! But this refashion gets “fancy” by adding the pop of color with the darling polka dotted fabric! Get more use out of jeans that are too short or have holes in the knees!

Kids DIY shorts from Jeans on Sew Delicious

DIY Shimmer Stripes Refashion

Molly took on my Refashion challenge this month by creating something using Fabric Paint. Refashions can be as simple as this one today!

diy bling top

She adds a bit of her personality with a few simple steps.


Tshirt/Top (with stripes)

Shimmer Fabric Paint – (we used white by Tulip from

Wax paper or cardboard or freezer paper (to put in between the layers)

Step 1: We chose a striped top and wanted to add some “umphf” to it but adding the same color paint to the stripe. Just Shimmery! Put the wax paper (or other material mentioned above) in between the t-shirt layers.

diy shimmer stripes refashion

Step 2: Add the white paint to the white stripes. She found it easiest to use her finger to control the paint on the knit fabric. She also chose to do every other white stripe so there was a hint of shimmer.

DIY shimmer refashion stripes

Step 3: Let the paint dry for about 1 hour (or the package instructions). Add a second coat as desired. She liked the look of a hint of shimmer and not too over powering.  We love this paint because it doesn’t require any heat setting and it’s the perfect combo of paint and glitter!

diy girls refashion

She can wear it as a swimsuit cover up or can wear it with shorts and a tee!

DIY girls stripes refashion

Tshirt to Tank top



I love sporting red, white and blue in July! There are lots of options too! Create this cute “firecracker” top from a tshirt!

Tshirt to Tank Top – The Mother Huddle

DIY Faux necklace tank top

faux necklace diy tank top


Girls of all ages can sport some 4th of July “bling” with this faux technique! Plus ruffles and appliques for a unique look!

DIY Faux Necklace top – A Couple of Craft Addicts

Handprint 4th of July tees!

handprint 4th of july project


Sometimes the best projects are those when the kids can get invovled! Then they want to wear them too! and think of how fun these would be to keep or make a tshirt quilt with and let them see how small their hand was when they were little.

Handprint 4th of July tshirts from Crafty Erin

DIY kids Betsy Ross Dress

DIY betsy ross dress


From a thrifted mans tshirt to this DARLING red white and blue frilly dress! Perfect for your little ones!

DIY Betsy Ross Dress from Melly Sews