UPcycled Kids t-shirt and shorts



Kids grow so fast and this blogger has made the most of her scraps! See what you can do to create a whole new outfit too!

Upcycled Kids T-shirt and Shorts from Melly Sews

Brothers hand me downs refashioned for HER!

girls army tee refashion

Yes you read that right! Brothers hand me downs become refashioned for the little SIS! This post includes a few other tutorials too! You’ll be excited at what she’s created and you’ll be looking at the hand me downs differently!

Girls Refashioned Tee from Choose to Thrive

Rescue An Old Striped Shirt

If you ask me “Amy, should a striped shirt ever been given to the Goodwill?” you’ll get a quick answer. No – you should always refashion it! Jenn did just that and selected a nautical theme with her fun, bright red anchor that she attached to the front of the stripey shirt. The red edging on the neckline and armholes just makes it. Don’t you think?

Shirt Rescue at A Jennuine Life