Shirred womens blouse

shirred top refashion


It’s fun to take a menswear challenge! Here’s one I did with a mans button down top. A little shirring and some zippers for a hard edge and it’s completely transformed! Get the how to!

Shirred womens blouse refashion on Brassy Apple

Dress from button down top

refashioned dress 2


Grandpas night shirt becomes a great Spring dress for this woman. It turned out super cute! So grab some extra oversized tops and get sewing!

Dress from Button down top on Dee*construction

Men’s Shirt … to Women’s Shirt Refashion


The first men’s refashion of the month … is a cute way to refashion a men’s shirt into a women’s shirt! Perhaps you found a pattern you love in a men’s shirt on sale … or that shirt you bought for your husband/boyfriend/dad never gets worn, but you love the pattern!

Tricia shows you exactly how to make these Gap-inspired shirts!

Men’s to Women’s Dress Shirt Refashion at Made By Me and Shared With You: Leafy Treetop Spot

PS: Hannah’s video is coming this week!