Men’s Checked Shirt to Summer Top!

sun top in sun


We love what Phillipa did with this checked men’s shirt! She turned it into this cute summer top … and you need to see how cool the button-up back is! She gives you a step-by-step walkthrough of how  you can make your own — and even offers some suggested variations!

Men’s Shirt Refashion To Cute Summer Top at Gloria and Me

11 Button up shirt Refashion tutorials

11 refashion tutorials


We are wrapping up our Mens refashions this month as May starts to draw to a close but don’t miss out on this round up of 11 tutorials reusing a Men’s Button up shirt!

Button up Shirt Tutorials on Heather Feather

Men’s Shirt to Sleeveless Peasant Blouse



Jordan made this cute sleeveless peasant blouse from a men’s shirt — see her pictures and her Anthropologie inspiration … and get inspired to make your own men’s shirt makeover!

First Big Project Complete! at Blueprint Crafts

Coquette Peplum Blouse from Men’s Shirt!


I am in love with this refashion. Take one white men’s button down shirt … follow Miriam’s brilliant instructions … and you’ve got an amazing, tailored peplum blouse! I don’t even know where to begin — is it the cute blue dye? The updated buttons (now on the back)? The tailoring? You have to go see this — and get inspired to upcycle your own!

The Button Up Refashion Swap at Mad Mim

Men’s Shirt to Peplum Dress!

shirt to peplum dress


Laura found this great pattern in a polyester shirt found thrifting. And she made this amazing peplum dress from it. She gives you inspiration to try something spectacular from your thrifted finds. (And “peplum” refers to the ruffly part on the fitted dress … my husband made me add that since he had no idea what it meant!)

Men’s Shirt Refashion: Peplum Dress at Trash to Couture

High-Waisted, Anthro-Inspired Skirt from Men’s Dress Shirt!

high waist anthro inspired skirt

You know, men’s dress shirts are a treasure trove of refashion materials. They come in a wide variety of materials … and depending on the size, involve enough fabric to actually refashion something! Suzannah found a thick chambray shirt at Goodwill and made it into this fabulous, high-waisted , springy skirt! Check out all of the details, how to and tips at …

One of the greatest men’s shirt makeovers ever–tutorial! at Adventures in Dressmaking

Tailored “Hi-Low” Shirt from Men’s Shirt

Got a boxy men’s shirt with a great pattern? Turn it into this cute, tailored, “hi-low” shirt — cut to fit your shape! Kelly shows you, step-by-step, how to do it.

Hi-Low Uncle’s Shirt Makeover at Restitch Me

UPDATE June 5, 2013: looks like this blog has disappeared from the Internet. We’ll leave the links up just in case it reappears. If nothing else we’ll have to look just at this photo for inspiration.