Babydoll Dress from Two Men’s Shirts!

babydoll dress from men's shirts

Carly took two men’s dress shirts in complementary stripes and created this cute babydoll dress. She shows you step by step how to put it together, and you can tailor it to fit you perfectly! She also shows how it can work over jeans, with a blazer, and so forth. I can imagine this in a variety of patterns!

Cute Babydoll Dress at Cut Out + Keep

High-Waisted, Anthro-Inspired Skirt from Men’s Dress Shirt!

high waist anthro inspired skirt

You know, men’s dress shirts are a treasure trove of refashion materials. They come in a wide variety of materials … and depending on the size, involve enough fabric to actually refashion something! Suzannah found a thick chambray shirt at Goodwill and made it into this fabulous, high-waisted , springy skirt! Check out all of the details, how to and tips at …

One of the greatest men’s shirt makeovers ever–tutorial! at Adventures in Dressmaking

White Shirtdress from Men’s Dress Shirts

white shirtdress


Just in time for summer is this cute idea for making a breezy shirtdress from two white men’s dress shirts. Antoinette shows you how to make one — including what patterns to use ! And don’t miss the comments, suggesting different ways to accessorize, mix and even modify this idea!

Refashion 6: Nurse Ratched Shirtdress from Two Mens Button Down Dress Shirts at