Upcycle Your Jewelry!


You just hate to let jewelry you once loved shift to the back of the drawer, forgotten. Sarah knows that , and she shows you some great ways to repurpose and upcycle older jewelry into something fresh and new (and even how to make felt rosettes like the one in the picture)! Check out her great ideas.

diy {upcycled & repurposed jewelry} at Sarah Ortega

Upcycled Tie Necklace

We love anything upcycled, and these are top on our list. What can you do with outdated ties? Maybe they’re too wide, too narrow, or you’re just tired of them. Or maybe you can get some great patterns from a thrift store tie. In any case, Aletha has made these stylish necklaces. You can make them subtle to complement a patterned top — or distinctive — as a signature piece.

Upcycled Tie Necklace Tutorial at artstar by Aletha